Summers in UK are getting hotter and hotter – and this puts low-paid workers at risk | Mika Minio-Paluello

TThe Met Office issued its first extreme heat warning this week, after introducing the new category in June, warning of health risks in West England and Wales. High temperatures can be fun on the beach, but thousands of key workers will face unbearable working conditions. The heat should be a wake-up call for the government […]

How to stay cool and look professional in the heat?

Ask The Kit is the column of advice you never thought you needed. Every week, writer Leanne Delap answers your urgent questions about beauty and style. How can I find good plus size options? How to get shiny hair? How do I define my personal style? Send your questions to [email protected] “I have meetings with […]

The best party wear brands for women: from De La Vali to Essential Antwerp

Passport or not, the clubs are open and partying is back on the agenda. But after months and months without dancefloors, chances are your wardrobe is lacking in flirty outfits for scorching summer nights, which may not be enough in the office to disco dress department. Fear not, as there is a whole host of […]

Africa, genius of mimicry – NewsDay Zimbabwe

By Brian Sedze It is a true Thaumoctopus (mimic octopus) of human culture, economic models, social norms, health management, culture and traditions, education, intellectual commitments, laws and regulations. constitutions, democracy and politics, and even food and etiquette. It is a hollow imitation of superstates like the United States, Britain, China, Canada, and European countries. Unfortunately, […]