Zeneida Quezon-Avanceña dies at 100

Zeneida Quezon-Avanceña, the last surviving daughter of President Manuel Quezon and Aurora Quezon, has died at the age of 100.

Manuel L. Quezon III, his nephew, announced his death on Tuesday.

“She died surrounded by her children, at home, fulfilling one of the most devout wishes of the faithful: a true Christian death, at peace with her Creator and the world,” he said in an article on Facebook.

Quezon-Avanceña was born on April 9, 1921.

In his post, Quezon said his aunt’s love for freedom, his faith marked by optimism, the strength of conviction tempered by empathy and his sense of humor were the things that defined her for him. .

“She gave up, freely and with pleasure, political power, she gave up economic power, and yet used the public notoriety that she had to defend those who had no power, whether by continuing the work of his mother in the Red Cross or in the many causes-oriented causes she supported, especially during martial law, ”he said.

“She did it in ways big and small, from scandalizing other parents by advocating the abolition of dress codes and opposing the ban on long hair in the 60s and 70s. , visiting political prisoners in prison, walking the streets or signing manifestos, ”he added.

Quezon said he had never heard his aunt say anything bitter or succumb to an angry and reactionary attitude.

“Her faith made it all possible, supporting her through adversity and giving her a forward-thinking approach to life that is the antidote to aging not only physically, but also morally and mentally,” he said. .

Quezon also noted his continued optimism.

“[T]he loves the wit and discovering spiritual things in all kinds of places so that one cannot get away with standing up or being pedantic or too prudish, snobbish or prejudiced. It is a common thread in his stories of his life and of the people who have been a part of his life, ”he said.

He also recalled the birthday message he wrote in April when Quezon-Avanceña turned 100.

“Here are two Ninis: the first, around 1937, in Los Angeles, with her sister Baby (in gray) and her father; Nini is in black. The other, around 1981, during a protest rally greeted by the crowd. The same Nini all along, ”he said.

“That’s what I wrote three months ago, when she was 100 years old. They are all together now. What reunion must take place at this time, ”he added. – Joahna Lei Casilao / BM, GMA News

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