Zendaya on her cultural impact, her partnership with Smartwater and the Y2K styles she’s happy about haven’t made a comeback

This is Zendayais an award-winning world, and we are lucky to live in it.

Over the past few years, the actor has made strides into the film and television stratosphere, starring in blockbuster movies like Spider-Man: No Coming Home and HBO Euphoria, while simultaneously becoming the face of multiple fashion and beauty brands while serving up looks from the Met Gala stairs to red carpets around the world.

But Zendaya’s cultural impact is not lost on her. On Tuesday after her 2022 Emmys nomination — she’s been nominated for four historic awards — Zendaya sat down with vanity lounge about the influence of his work and feeling “grateful” to have a platform to help others “feel seen”.

“I feel incredibly grateful. I think it’s one of those things where I’ve always chased the things that make me happy, bring me joy, and make me feel creatively like I’m pushing myself and that I’m getting better,” the Emmy Award winner said. “And I’m grateful that it touched people in different ways and that I got to be a part of their journey and their lives. I think the coolest thing about storytelling or my work is that at some point it’s not mine anymore. It takes a lifetime for someone else and it’s part of their childhood or part of their happy memories or it’s part of their healing. And that, for me, I think is the coolest thing and especially if I can help a young person to feel seen, it means the world to me.

Being as busy as she is, keeping her health and well-being under control is a priority. As the new Global Brand Ambassador smart watertaking over the reins of old faces like Jennifer Aniston, Zendaya admitted she was inspired to drink more water and look for “the little things” that “make you feel good”.

“I sometimes think like when I used to Euphoria, it was as simple as doing – it sounds so cheesy – but making my matcha in the morning. I found it really peaceful…it just made me really calm. And I was like, ‘I really like making my drink today.’ It’s like a little moment for myself,” she said. “Or whether it’s your evening skincare routine, it’s a little time when you’re like, it’s just me. I’m going to scrub my face, do my thing. It’s my time whatever. Everyone has their own little things, but just finding little things where you just have time for yourself… things that are like, that’s something for me.

Courtesy of Smartwater.

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