Your guide to dressing for special summer occasions

WHO: Mickey Freemanfamous fashion stylist and designer represented by the Only Agency.

You’ve worked as a celebrity and editorial stylist for years. What do you like about what you do?

FM: Styling and creative direction allow me to convey my vision of how the world should be, could be, or will be without weighing down viewers and customers with the weight of reality. Also, I have always loved that my career constantly presents new challenges and obstacles along the way. Eventually, learning to work around every mishap or wardrobe malfunction acted as a paradigm shift to a more positive and proactive mindset. Evolution lies in the shadow of uncertainty.

How has being a stylist influenced your approach to dressing for special occasions (both personally and for your clients)?

FM: I’ve learned not to be so tied to how I perceive myself that I lose touch with that instinctual energy that’s trying to push me out of my comfort zone. For my clients, it’s always crucial for me to understand what inspires them right now and how that can translate into their look and the overall imprint they want to leave on the event. After an extended period of quarantine and a ban on going out, this summer many people around the world will be able to go out again. What advice would you give them to get dressed? I fully understand the desire to return to a more active and outgoing lifestyle. I would encourage people to participate in previously unexplored color palettes. Mix and match pieces from your wardrobe that you don’t usually pair, like leather knee boots and cut-off jeans. It’s time to enjoy life!

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