WWE Extreme Rules 2021 Results, Recap & Notes: A Bizarre Finish March An Outstanding Main Event For The Universal Title

Sunday night’s WWE Extreme Rules pay-per-view delivered a lot of solid action in the ring, but the end of the Universal Championship main event will be the lasting memory of the event. Despite a fiery effort from “The Demon” Finn Balor, a higher power seemed to intervene to allow Roman Reigns to successfully retain his championship.

Balor overcame the interference from the Usos to embark on a spectacular late comeback against the champion. Just when Balor looked like he had won the game – and the title – the top rope snapped in a bizarre stunt that allowed Reigns to strike a spear to hold onto the title. The arrival sucked up the momentum of an otherwise hot pay-per-view with many good championship games from Nationwide Arena in Columbus, Ohio.

CBS Sports will be with you throughout the event, providing updates and highlights in the live blog below.

2021 WWE Extreme Rules Results, Notes

Carmella vs. Liv Morgan: Carmella got off to a good start, pushing Morgan around the ring. Morgan continued to try to strike back but Carmella continued to maintain control until the match came out of the ring and managed to lead Carmella into the announcing table. After bringing the match back to the ring, Morgan hit the sling of oblivion flatliner to score the pinfall and claim a big win that should put her in line to be a future title challenger on SmackDown. It was the standard 10 minute game at kickoff to get things going and went pretty well. Liv Morgan beat. Carmella via pinfall. Category B-

The New Day Against Bobby Lashley, AJ Styles and Omos: Styles nearly locked a calf crusher on Xavier Woods seconds into the game, but couldn’t finish. A bit of Styles’ trashy speech brought Big E into the ring to briefly enjoy it before Lashley began to dominate the match. Kingston was cut in the corner of the heel, trying – and failing – to make his way through the powerful duo of Lashley and Omos. Kingston took great offense as Lashley made sure he couldn’t tag Big E, taking out the men on the apron before trapping Kingston again in the corner before a hot tag at Xavier Woods, with Woods doing a brief run before a powerlam from Lashley allowed him to regain control. Woods eventually managed to put Big E in the spotlight, with the WWE Champion knocking out Omos and Lashley on the ring apron before focusing his attack on Styles. A fight broke out outside the ring before Lashley attempted a blind tag to enter the match only for Big E to send a Lashley spear into AJ Styles before hitting a Big Ending on Lashley to score the victory in a match six tag very fun. The new day def. Bobby Lashley, AJ Styles and Omos via pinfall. Category B

SmackDown Tag Team Championship – The Usos (c) vs. The Street Profits: Montez Ford got his ribs bandaged after his match with – and post-match attack by – Roman Reigns on SmackDown. Ford showed a bit of fire by taking the fight against the Usos early on before a blind label gave the Usos the upper hand quickly. Ford eventually managed to pass the hot tag to Angelo Dawkins, with Dawkins doing a run before bringing Ford back to hit a blockbuster for a near crash. The tagging continued until Ford returned to the ring with a big frog splash, but Jimmy Uso knelt down to counter a close fall. Ford still managed to hit his huge frog on Jey Uso for a close fall before Jimmy broke the pin. Dawkins made a save on a double superkick to get Ford to eat the kicks anyway before the Usos hit a double splash to score the pin and retain the titles. Solid tag wrestling all around before a nice clean finish. The Usos (c) def. The Street Profits to keep the securities. Category B

Raw Women’s Championship – Charlotte Flair (c) vs. Alexa Bliss: Bliss got off to a good start, knocking out Flair outside the ring with a dive, only for Flair to return with an assault that included repeatedly slamming Bliss’ head into the web. Bliss tried to retaliate but Flair dropped her on the padding at ringside after pushing the challenger into the ring barricade. Bliss and Flair traded fall attempts after a moonsault from Flair. Bliss retaliated with several close falls, including after a big DDT where Flair stepped on the bottom rope. Flair grabbed Lilly and threw the doll at Bliss to allow her to kick a big boot, then Natural Selection to pin and retain the championship. After the match, Flair ripped Lilly into several pieces before Bliss attacked and defeated the champion only for Flair to throw her around the ring. There wasn’t much in this game although there was nothing particularly offensive about it. Charlotte Flair (c) defeated. Alexa Bliss via pinfall to retain the title. Rating: C +

United States Championship – Damian Priest (c) vs. Sheamus vs. Jeff Hardy – Sheamus knocked out Hardy the moment the match began, quickly reducing the one-on-one match with the champion. Hardy quickly found his way back into the match as chaos erupted at ringside with the three men having moments to take out the others. The action continued to sway wildly in the standard WWE Triple Threat manner, with the men pairing up two at a time and each gaining a bit of momentum for a close drop or two before Hardy hit a Whisper. in the Wind on the two men for a close fall. Sheamus. Hardy eventually went to the third rope in an attempt to hit a swanton on Priest but Sheamus pushed him before hitting his own jumping knee for a count of two. Hardy eventually hit a swanton, using that movement to snap a priest pin on Sheamus. After a series of big moves from all three men, Priest wrapped Sheamus with a school pin to mark the victory and retain his championship. It was sloppy at first before settling into a much better pace for a pretty warm finish. Without the early problems, the game would have been much stronger overall. Damian Priest (c) def. Sheamus and Jeff Hardy via pinfall to keep the Title. Category B

SmackDown Women’s Championship – Becky Lynch (c) vs. Bianca Belair: Lynch reached out for a handshake as she did for weeks before trying to squeeze into a Manhandle Slam to almost eat a kiss of death from Belair. Belair put Lynch on the defensive with a big slam and a splash for a near early fall. Lynch used Belair’s hair to resume the match, pulling her over the top rope to mark a close fall. The two women went back and forth with close drops before exiting the ring where Lynch was able to counter a Belair slam to slam the challenger into the ring steps. Lynch tried several times to lock Belair’s arm, but Belair hit back and hit a big spinebuster for a count of two to almost win the title. Belair continued to fight until she offered Lynch the kiss of death when Sasha Banks ran to give a push and pull the disqualification. Lynch nodded at Banks but Banks attacked, exposing the two women and posing for the title. This is the rare good end of disqualification given that Belair is not expected to suffer another loss and Lynch also cannot lose in his first title defense. It’s cheap, but it’s a smart way to handle it. Lynch doesn’t have her ring legs completely under her, but the match was seen well. Becky Lynch (c) retained her title against Bianca Belair after the intervention of Sasha Banks. Category B

Universal Championship – Roman Reigns (c) against “The Demon” Finn Balor (match with extreme rules): Balor got out quickly and raked Reigns eyes and face at first, taking advantage of the lack of rules. It wasn’t long before Reigns slipped out of the ring and grabbed a kendo stick, but Balor slipped out of the ring and grabbed a bundle of multiple sticks, which he used to wear out Reigns with multiple hits in the midsection. . A chair was introduced into the match, with Balor managing to stomp on it in Reigns’ midsection before taking the champion to ringside and leading him down the steel steps. The brawl took place in the crowd, with Reigns, a true cancer survivor, putting on a mask as he continued to assault Balor in the crowd.

Balor was able to regain his momentum as the match returned to the ring, setting up a table in the ring. It was Balor, however, who was pushed across the table with a big slam for a count of two. The two traded strikes before Reigns hit a punch from Superman to score a close fall. Reigns opted for a spear to be countered with a kick and a slingshot. Balor tried to line up a dropkick but was greeted by a spear for a near drop, Balor smashing the pin with a low blow, just like Reigns did in his match at SmackDown. Balor managed to hit the knockout but the Usos ran to smash the pin, pulling Balor out of the ring and hitting a double superkick. Balor fired back, dragging Jey Uso across the announcers table with an electric bomb before the Reigns hit a spear through the ring barricade. The lights broke the top chord, sending Balor crashing into the canvas before a Reigns spear to score the victory. The match was outstanding until the ridiculous end, going from cheesy with the heartbeat and music to completely ridiculous with the top chord broken. It’s a shame because the rest of the game went very well. Roman reigns (c) def. Finn Balor will retain the title. Category B-

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