Why can’t British royal children wear a t-shirt with a cartoon print?

it’s no secret that Royal family There are strict protocols in English that must be followed by letter and smaller Royal family They don’t shy away from following the myriad rules and regulations that kids can’t wear graphic t-shirts. Despite being the youngest in the British royal family, he has to follow various etiquette guidelines.

Although many of the protocols that royalty must follow seem extreme and outdated to the public, Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom is one of them. Royal family What He remains just as faithful to his traditions.Children must endure and always dress according to the rules, regardless of the season.

George, Louis and Charlotte of Cambridge. (Photo: AFP)

For children of British royalty It is forbidden to wear a t-shirt with a cartoon print, as well as any image or clothing referring to a character. The little ones must strictly follow all the dress codes imposed for decades.

According to royal protocol experts, Indeed, the children of the British royal family must always dress formally. With shirt and pants. While in the case of girls, skirts, shorts and pants are prohibited.

If they want to feel more comfortable, children At casual events where they can wear a polo shirt with a collar and buttonsIn the case of Girls will be allowed to wear only clothes or combinations Shorts,

In addition to the strict protocol prohibiting children from wearing T-shirts with designs, whether cartoons or not, the children of the British royal family have other surprising rules to follow. some of them include not wear shorts after age 8 and Girls can wear clothes only when it is very cold.

Queen Elizabeth II has the second longest reign in history.

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