We’ve tried the famous nap dress on the internet, and it’s as dreamy as its name

When a product has the right name, it really sells me. I mean, when you hear about a design called a “nap dress” how can you not click on it? If you haven’t seen, heard of, or even tried on a Hill House Home dress yet, now may be the time for you.

You may have seen the flowing and iconic pieces of the brand on your Instagram feed or adorn your favorite blogger’s grid. I’m here to tell you that these styles are worth it, and you should consider adding one to your arsenal. Not only am I a fan, but my fellow editors are too. The brand has just launched several new seriously chic styles and prints it’ll make you want to ditch your sweatpants. Yes this the dress is really so comfortable, it rivals your loungewear.

You feel like you’re wearing a nightgown, but you will actually look your best. I have the mini dress version that I love to style with sneakers, sandals, and sometimes just around the house. My fellow editors Macy and Shelcy also love their picks, which range from the brand’s first two-piece set to the famous maxi silhouette. Read on to see how we each love our nap dress, then finally take the plunge and buy one for yourself.

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