West Bend school board discusses dress code violations following student complaints

September 12, 2022 – West Bend, Wi – West Bend School District students spoke during the public speaking portion of Monday night’s meeting wondering how their bellies and belly buttons could be so big distraction in class and why they were removed from class and punished for violating the dress code.

The majority of students who complained were girls who called the application a double standard.

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Adrian, a senior from West Bend East High School, questioned the administration’s enforcement of the dress code which claims to be due to “unquote security reasons.”

“We are told that there is no excessive cleavage and that boys are allowed to take their shirts off when they are hot during practice or a game at school,” he said. she declared. “My friends and I aren’t even allowed to show an inch of our tummies. I also believe this dress code is unfair to the ever-changing temperatures at our school. Another thing most people don’t don’t like to acknowledge is that girls on their period this change in hormones can make us hotter than we normally would be so it’s easier to get hot flashes and almost pass out .

“Why am I being dragged out of class and told my shirt was too short and I needed to change but I don’t understand why an inch of my belly is problematic enough to hinder my learning I also don’t understand where the dress code is an ethical issue.

The students also talked about:

  • colleges don’t have dress codes
  • the clothes we choose to wear are some of the most appropriate clothes that are currently in fashion and sold in stores.
  • The students claimed that “this policy is clearly unfair”.

The school administration followed with a discussion acknowledging that a dress code violation begins with a phone call to the parent/parents for the student to change clothes.

“We’re really focused on channeling that through the student council and hope they can help,” said Emily Melstrand, director of student services.

Superintendent Jen Wimmer said the dress code is covered by policy 443.1 and it covers the entire district. “Student textbooks articulate political language more,” she said.

There was a lot of feedback from students, according to Wimmer. “There are kids who have struggled to manage those expectations and what is the leeway with changing fashions.”

Wimmer said their analysis does not require a change in policy. She said she would work with the administration and student council and keep the discussion on the table.

“I don’t see a change in policy yet,” Wimmer said. “We certainly don’t want to chase after kids, and we don’t want students to think they’re being targeted. I will talk about it at the next board meeting. »

Wimmer said her first meeting with the student council will be tomorrow and she will provide an update and continue communication.

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