Valeria Mazza dazzled at the Filming Italian Festival with a Gabriel Lage dress

She walked the red carpet in a golden haute couture dress that combines lace and sequins.

She was the queen of the red carpet at the Filming Italy festival. (Photo: Instagram / @ valeriamazzaok).

Valerie Mazza She is one of Argentina’s most internationally recognized models, and her stylish looks signed by the fashion number one always set trends wherever she goes. In addition to her success as a fashion entrepreneur – she has an eyewear line – during her career, she has racked up a series of awards globally. His latest conquest? Attended the Italy film festival in Sardinia, Italy, where he received the Humanitarian award, and shared the moment with her nearly half a million followers.

How could it be otherwise, the blonde’s gaze stood out as usual for her. Choose a formal dress signed by Location Gabriel -the famous celebrity designer who made Pampita’s wedding dress- and she shone like never before. It is a design V-neck with delicacy corset bordado with shine Golden.

The skirt, down to the feet, reinforces the princely style of the outfit: bulky and also in gold color, the lace details throughout the room with glossy finishes made it a dream design. The model is a clear representation of the style of the haute couture designer, who typically chooses transparencies, rhinestones, sequins and lace in most of his designs, whether in wedding dresses or pieces for events. fashion.

True to its sober and sophisticated style, Mazza wore classic makeup in neutral tones: mascara, black eyeliner and lipstick naked. As for the hair, She wore the traditional platinum blonde hair (which has accompanied her since the beginning of her career), loose and with waves to the water, the go-to hairstyle for celebrities when it comes to hitting the red carpet. He accompanied the gaze with a Clutch the same color as the dress and the bracelets on both wrists.

“Happy to receive this recognition, humanitarian prize for the filming of the Italian festival. Grazie “ wrote the model, who attended the event with her husband, Alexandre gravier, recognized for its elegance and its passion for clothing Handmade (Handmade).

The photographs have racked up thousands of likes in the first hours since their publication and have garnered praise from renowned fashion figures such as Fabián Medina Flores and the Spanish top Nieves Álvarez. His followers did the same: all were rave about it in the comments section. “Beautiful”, “Divine” and “Goddess” are the compliments that have been the most repeated from Internet users, who also took the opportunity to congratulate her on the achievement.

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