Uttar Pradesh Assembly Secretariat advises staff not to wear T-shirts and jeans in the office

The Uttar Pradesh Assembly Secretariat has advised its staff not to show up to the office wearing T-shirts and jeans.

A memo was issued in this regard, asking all officers and employees to wear only formal wear when going to the office.

“I have been asked to say that the staff working in the Vidhan Sabha secretariat will not wear t-shirts, jeans or other such clothes during office hours. All officers and employees must wear ceremonial attire consistent with the dignity of the State Assembly during office hours, ”said Narendra Kumar Mishra, Co-Secretary (State Assembly) in the dated office memorandum. of July 15, 2021, sent to all. the officers and employees of the secretariat of the assembly.

“There is nothing unusual about the memo. A number of young people have recently been seen wearing T-shirts and jeans. Many dignitaries, including foreign delegations, often visit the secretariat of the assembly. Such an informal dress code does not suit the dignity of a constitutional institution like the state assembly. We only notified the staff and there is no penalty. Leaders and employees must uphold the dignity of the institution, ”said a senior executive.

State Assembly Speaker Hriday Narayan Dikshit also said there was no order and only one notice was issued to staff asking them not to wear T- shirts and jeans during their tenure.

“This is only an opinion and not an order. It does not bind any officer or employee. The Uttar Pradesh Assembly is a constitutional body. The notice is optional for employees, ”said the speaker.

When asked if there would also be such a notice to lawmakers, he said no. Others, however, claimed that if employees wore T-shirts and jeans in the secretariat, they would even do the same at home sessions.

“There is a (formal) dress code for staff during sessions. This is to make sure that the officers and personnel present in the house are identified there, ”said a retired officer of the assembly secretariat.

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