UPDATE: Students come out to protest the flash dress code at Orléans High School Béatrice Desloges

The dress code blitz, which took place on Thursday, May 12, involved several teachers and staff at the French Catholic school measuring the length of students’ shorts.

Some students at a high school in Orleans walked out in protest after teachers and staff staged a dress code crackdown.

The dress code blitz, which took place on Thursday, May 12, involved several teachers and staff, mostly men, from Béatrice-Desloges Catholic Secondary School measuring the length of students’ shorts. Students were told to bend over and touch their toes while staff members measured the length from their knees to the hem of their shorts.

About 50-60 students were sent to the office, most of them women. Some students said they felt humiliated by what happened.

On Friday, May 13, students walked out in protest and the Council of Catholic Schools of Centre-Est, the council that represents the school in the east, said in a statement to CityNews Ottawa that the board takes complaints and allegations related to the dress code blitz at Béatrice-Desloges very seriously and that various versions of what happened at the school are circulating in the community.

In a Twitter thread, Ottawa police said they were called to the school around 11:30 a.m. on Friday May 13 after receiving reports of students protesting outside the premises.

Officers arrived at the scene and assisted school staff.

Police said they tried to defuse a situation with a youngster who was not a student at the school and who was identified as intrusive.

This individual, police add, was arrested at the scene for causing a disturbance and trespassing and was escorted off school property.

He was released without charge.

No other charges were laid or tickets issued during the protest.

The protest ended at 1 p.m.

The council said two council members have visited the school to meet with pupils and staff to determine what happened, adding that the meetings will help lead to further action to prevent this type of of a situation reoccurring.

“The council believes it is important to address sensitive issues, including issues of fairness, race, gender, orientation, micro-aggression, privilege, prejudice, discrimination, etc.”, indicates the press release, initially in French. “In November 2021, it (the board) also began a process of revising school dress codes to update them, make them gender neutral and non-discriminatory. This collaborative exercise will allow the board and its schools to consider issues and concerns. related to the current or recommended dress code. This process involves students, staff members, parents and community organizations. This approach by the board and the schools is also part of a logic of continuous learning and open-mindedness.

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