To shave or not to shave on your wedding day

Makeup can dramatically improve a bride’s look on her big day. Something as simple as a lipstick color or a sparkling shade of eye shadow can be tailored to match a mood, setting, or even a theme. But the bride and groom also have a big decision to make regarding their appearance when standing in front of an altar surrounded by close family and friends: to shave or not to shave.

“Ultimately, the groom will want to look the same on their wedding day,” says male groomer Brandon Hoover, owner and founder of Uncommon Hair Company. “If he usually has a clean shaven face on a daily basis, then yes, I recommend shaving for the big day! ”

“But if the groom usually rocks stubble or a full beard, then I would recommend at least a little grooming to keep things tidy,” Hoover adds. “He’ll want to be confident standing in front of everyone and, not to mention, in photos. ”

To get the perfect look for facial hair (or a close shave), Hoover shares some quick tips to make sure our dashing men are looking their best.

Book a professional

There are a million things on a groom’s mind on their wedding day. Having a professional step in and take care of the shaving and clipping tasks can be an ideal option, especially if the grooming is an afterthought.

“First, the grooms tend to be quite nervous. This could lead to cutting or nicking the face with an unsteady hand, ”says Hoover. “He also deserves to be pampered on this special occasion. Something as simple as shaving or trimming is a small thing to do, but with a guarantee that it will feel great.

Additionally, Hoover shares that shaving or trimming a beard doesn’t lend itself to the best precision. “We can only see ourselves face-to-face when we are self-cleaning,” he says. “People will look at it from all angles, so it’s important to have a professional intervention and to make sure that all the angle of her face is perfect.

Ignore outdated rules on formality

There are many concrete expectations regarding dress codes, depending on the formality of an occasion. A black tie event usually means the gentlemen will arrive clean-shaven, but sometimes tradition can and should be changed to suit our modern bride and groom.

“It’s 2021! Some of the sexiest men in the world have great beards on red carpets and magazine covers, ”Hoover exclaims. “A perfectly groomed beard is ideal even for the most formal events. Even if a groom goes with a barbed shadow, as long as the lines are crisp, he will look great! ”

Keep in mind each factor of facial hair

Although Hoover is a supporter of wearing a full beard, he advises the bride and groom to keep their outfits in mind. “You don’t want the beard to cover a bow tie, for example,” he says. “So decide what is most important to you. That being said, a beard can and should be very versatile. Bearded bride and groom should easily be able to switch from a suit to a tracksuit while still looking great!

If a groom decides to grab the razor, he must consider the time of day. “It depends on how fast the groom’s facial hair grows, but most men know the window of time it takes to shave so that it is always clean at a specific time,” says Hoover. “As long as he makes sure to shave at least an hour before so any redness or irritation subsides, it should be good to meet his bride or groom at the end of the aisle.” Also, always make sure you are using a new razor to avoid razor bumps and rashes.

And when it comes to thatch, which Hoover actually prefers, there really aren’t any hard and fast rules. “Just make sure you keep your neck and cheeks clean,” he advises. “A little thatch can create a natural outline, which will make the groom look very handsome.”

How to take care of a beard

If the groom wants to rock a beard for the big day, Hoover has a four-step process to make sure he’s looking his best. First of all, wash the beard. “You’ll want to wash it off with a beard cleanser or a moisture-based shampoo to make sure the dry skin is removed,” he advises. “A groom doesn’t want to have flakes of dry skin on the chest of his suit jacket.” Second, massage the beard with oil. “If you don’t have a professional product, any oil like coconut, grape seed or jojoba is better than nothing,” he notes.

Third, comb all the hairs on the beard in a downward motion. “This will help calm flyaways for a perfectly groomed look,” says Hoover. Finally, use a little ointment for the most unruly beards. “It will work like a gel, but without the crunch and buildup.”

If you have no idea about grooming products, Hoover recommends two shaving products: Aveeno Therapeutic Shaving Gel and an aftershave with witch hazel. “Aveeno’s product is ideal for sensitive skin and contains skin-healthy vitamin E to prevent irritation,” he says. “Witch hazel aftershaves have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. They are also fragrance-free, so they won’t clash with the groom’s favorite scent.

Final thoughts

You don’t want to give up your signature look on your big day, but the groom can make some improvements to make sure he represents the best version of yourself. Investing in a groomer you can trust is an easy first step to forgetting one thing less and focusing on what really matters: marrying your true love and enjoying one of the best times of your life.

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