This rainbow house in Moline, Illinois drove its town nuts


About 4 hours a little southwest of Kalamazoo in Moline, Illinois, there’s a house that has driven some of the people who live there crazy, that’s of course with the exception of the family who live there. In Who Might Be Shortlisted for “Mom of the Year,” Taylor Berg let her two sons choose their home color scheme last year, and when they wanted it rainbow, Taylor s ‘is immediately put to work. The three ended up finishing the house exactly as they wanted, but the paint job actually caused quite a bit of controversy in the community.

The city had actually sent them a notice saying they were planning to fine Taylor every day until he was covered up:

I received a notice from the city that I needed to repaint so it was up to code or else I would be fined $ 750, per day, until it was done

A change of heart

There was overwhelming support for the paint job from residents who drove in, and finally last year Taylor received a written letter from the city which was a formal retraction of the citation, allowing her as well as his sons to keep the paint job without repercussions.

Considering that all of this was done during the pandemic, I personally find it a bit offbeat (if you’ll excuse me for the terrible pun) that the city is even considering fining a family a stupid amount of money, EVERYDAY, to keep busy while there was literally nothing to do last year. I’m happy that this house continues to drive residents crazy, in the best possible way. Watch a video of the house below.

Huge secluded Kalamazoo house has a very futuristic feel

This Kalamazoo house has a unique and contemporary design giving it a futuristic feel.


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