The Sims 4 My Wedding Stories: Is It Worth Buying?

The Sims 4 My Marriage Stories gives players a complete overhaul of the entire marriage system. You’ll be able to plan weddings, buy flowers, bake a cake, and celebrate in all new ways. There’s also a whole new world, called Tartosa, as well as wedding-themed clothing and furniture.

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The launch of the pack was marred by Sim steering issues, events not working as intended, and other game-breaking bugs. At the time of writing, some aspects of the pack have been fixed, while others are expected to be addressed in an upcoming patch. This list is intended to offer an overview of the features themselves, assuming the issues are resolved.

Before purchasing the pack, we recommend reading the latest patch notes and forum posts to see how the bug fixes are progressing. These issues relate to wedding-specific gameplay and other aspects of the game, including building items and creating sim clothing, are unaffected.

9 The world of Tartosa

Sims 4 wedding card tartosa view

Tartosa is a whole new world consisting of nine lots spread over two neighborhoods. It includes four pre-built residential houses, a rental house, a wedding venue and of course a living room. There are also two empty lots, one of which is on the beach. If you search your library, you will also find alternative wedding venues that you can swap.

There are many beautiful places to explore and the Porto Luminoso area also contains food stalls, a pastry shop, a flower shop, a town hall and a wedding shop front as well as a beautiful fountain. You will even find a maze that looks like the millennium falcon.


8 Editable wedding events

The Sims 4 weddings plan an event page with the wedding ceremony selected

The pack changes how wedding events work and is now a new option in the in-game calendar. Clicking on the option to add a new wedding event gives you several options to choose from and you can then determine the details.

If you want to edit anything, the event remains editable by the Sim who created it until about an hour before it starts. This means that those who plan ahead have the flexibility to change as much as they want as the big day approaches.

7 New wedding activities


There are now many new activities in the game that are related to weddings. You can give speeches and toasts, walk down the aisle, and even have an officiant lead your ceremony. The slow dance is also back, along with a few more group dances to liven up your reception.

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These fit in perfectly with the dancing, drinking and dining options we already had and are complemented by cake cutting and bouquet tossing. Overall, the wedding experience is much more fleshed out, as long as everything goes according to plan.

6 Wedding Cakes & Bouquets

Sims 4 two cakes in the window

There are nine new types of wedding cakes you can create, and each has several different samples. This offers a huge range of cake options for every wedding. Cakes can be purchased at Tartosa or homemade from a gourmet pastry shop. You can even earn money by creating a pastry shop or by selling your creations directly at the Patisserie.

Bouquets have fewer options, but like Cakes, you can buy, craft, and sell them. The flower arranging skill is what you need here, or a trip to the stall next to the fountain. After your wedding, you can keep or throw your bouquet.

5 formal clothes

The Sims 4 wedding dom and cam walk around

The pack comes with a huge range of formal dresses. They include a range of wedding dresses as well as women’s costumes and even a jumpsuit. These are complemented by formal and informal options suitable for bridesmaids. All options are available in a variety of colors.

Aside from some of the more intricate dresses, many are suitable for other formal occasions, allowing you some flexibility for some who frequent fine restaurants or are guests at Starlight Accolades.

4 More suits


As usual, female Sims have more clothing choices, but this pack doesn’t exclude males. There are new suits, shirts, and vests to ensure your male Sims adhere to any dress code as well.

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Suits are not all formal, one option being simply a loose tie and unbuttoned shirt. Again, this means they are useful outside of a marriage situation.

3 Construction staples

Sims 4 weddings build and buy

Some of the build and purchase items are surprisingly generic, including several new windows and doors. There are also curtains, lights, tables and chairs. For outdoor spaces, there are new pagodas, fences and gates. These are complemented by lanterns and other decorative items.

All chairs have a simple, ornate option, while elements like a bar and a dance floor now have more generic patterns. The dancefloor designs in particular are welcome for those who are tired of neon and cardboard.

2 Wedding Specific Items


Along with general items, you’ll find new wedding arches, decorated chairs, flower arrangements, and game elements such as a toasting bucket. There are even dividers, banners and signs indicating seating plans and receptions.

The new options go well together and variation in wedding arches is especially welcome with options to suit almost any setting. You are sure to see them used in the new type of wedding venue on the gallery.

Sims 4 Wedding Interior Seating

The pack also recognizes that different cultures celebrate weddings in different ways. Within this, several options provide flexibility for those who want an alternative to the western norm.

You’ll find Muslim and Chinese-inspired clothing, lots of options with an emphasis on the color red, and little touches like a traditional tea set that lets you serve others. There are also modest dresses, different veils and flexible events to meet different desires. When the pack works, it works well.

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