The red dress of Candace Cameron Bure as a guest at the wedding: she slams the trolls

Candace Cameron Bure, her husband and two grown children dressed to impress when they attended a wedding in Los Angeles this weekend. Unfortunately, the actress ignites for their dress and is accused of trying to shade the bride.

The Fuller house alum, 45, and her look-alike daughter Natasha, 23, paired up in stunning bright red strapless dresses with fitted bodices and bodycon wrap skirts. The old one View husband of the panelist, retired NHL player Valeri Bure, and the couple’s son, Lev, wore formal suits and black leather dress shoes, but did not wear socks, which was quite noticeable with the cut of their pants.

Candace was proud of the razor-sharpness of her family, captioning the October 30 Instagram photo, “Wedding season and I am HERE FOR THAT !!! Mom has another family photo (minus Maks who is in college). But his supporters were quick to criticize their dress.

“Supposed to avoid red at weddings. It’s a powerful color that steals the show from the bride, ”one user wrote, and Candace replied,“ Different styling rules in Los Angeles.

Courtesy of Candace Cameron Bure / Instagram

Another fan told the actress, “Although I love red, it’s my favorite color, it’s considered a no-no at weddings, along with white.” The mother of three replied, “Anything goes in LA There were 4 women wearing red dresses at the wedding.”

One person was questioning Candace’s family’s wardrobe selection for the wedding and asked, “How about the dress code is if you want your guests to dress like this?” She replied, “This wedding was a black tie. But Los Angeles is a hot weather and a laid back city, so anything goes.

Candace stopped using the ‘this is LA’ excuse and started using the ‘European style’ when it came to defending her husband, 45, and son, 21, and their decision to do not wear socks with their evening wear. “What’s up with the guys who don’t wear socks?” One user asked, and Candace explained, “This is how the most stylish men in Europe wear their suits in hot weather.” But then she just kept on holding on.

“The sock-less look is a no to me,” commented one follower, and Candace replied, “Thanks for letting us know!” Another user added: “The sock-less thing is very unattractive,” to which the TV host replied, “Comments like this are unappealing. People like the style in different ways. it is not always necessary to share your opinion.

When a fan commented, “I don’t understand why guys don’t wear socks with a suit. It doesn’t look good, ”Candace replied,“ in your opinion. »As provocative as the old one Full house star was about their outfits, don’t expect socks or subdued colors from the Cameron-Bure family when it comes to weddings any time soon.

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