The Hype LI brings hard-to-find shoes and urban clothing to LI

CORAM, NY — Sneakerheads and urban streetwear fans are accustomed to searching everywhere for rare or trendy gear, from apps dedicated to the sneaker business to long trips to New York or beyond to find the essential item. Four men from Coram decided to capitalize on their years spent in this fashion subculture and their ability to find the right buys and opened a storefront in Coram in November.

DayShawn Andrews, Yardley Bonhumme, Kristoff Galloway, and Eric Lee told Patch that they’ve always loved sneakers and clothing and used to find merchandise through a variety of sources. The Hype Long Island, 1879 Route 112, was a natural extension of this experience.

“It sounds easy, but it’s not,” Bonhomme said. “A lot of it is having those sources and knowing what people want next.”

The store sells sneakers, clothing for men, women and children. The owners, who all graduated from Longwood High School together, post new items like Yeezy and Air Jordan sneakers on social media daily, and most tend to get ripped off quickly.

“We have people coming from all over, all the way to Brooklyn, Staten Island,” they explained.

Customers love that the store can guarantee the authenticity of the sneakers, while some of the items found on apps or social media may be inauthentic. And Bonhomme says the immediacy of a brick-and-mortar location still holds value in 2021.

“People want it now. They walk in, they see it, it’s in their face, they shop for that day or a special occasion and they want it now.”

The store can also help people find a wanted item – customers can leave a deposit and the foursome will find it – something parents might enjoy during the holiday season.

Friends say they might want to expand in the future, but for now, they’re focusing on the potential of the Coram store and testing new types of merchandise to see what areas they can expand into next. .

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