The four capsule wardrobes to help you dress again for the office

Linen utility jumpsuit, £ 175, Jigsaw; Casual chambray shirt, £ 75, satin wide leg sweatpants, £ 185, leather slip-on sneakers, £ 195, all me + em

What is the look: Your office (or home office) doesn’t have a dress code, which means you can pretty much wear whatever you want. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be putting in the effort, though. It is still a place of work, so a certain professionalism must be conveyed. Dressing well for work also has a positive effect on our attitudes. Fortunately, fashion has never been so comfortable, and many designers understand that having worked from home for the past 16 months we are reluctant to give up our loungewear, so we have incorporated this into their collections.

Key pieces: The raised track pants, which have an elasticated waist but are otherwise cut like traditional pants – the I love Me + Em side stripe pants, which can be worn with a matching boyfriend-style blazer (£ 275, if you feel the need to look a little more polished. If you don’t have a wetsuit yet, I recommend buying one as they are fabulous, easy to wear, and can be tossed in the washing machine. The greatest joy of the casual dress code in the office? Coaches – all day, every day. Invest in a pair that you really love because they will be the cornerstone of your wardrobe. This pair from the Adidas Originals + Wales Bonner collaboration is currently on my wishlist.

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