The bride left furious as her sister ignores the wedding dress code and shows up in jeans

A bride was outraged after her sister failed to follow ‘one simple rule’ regarding her wedding’s black tie dress code and arrived in jeans and a t-shirt

The bride was furious with her sister’s outfit choice (stock photo)

Weddings have taken many forms over the years, and while you were once tied to a strictly formal affair with guests dressed in fancy dresses and expensive suits, many now opt for a much more casual approach that allows guests to wear anything. they feel comfortable.

However, just because wearing comfortable clothes for some weddings is allowed these days doesn’t mean you can ignore the dress code at all weddings – because some couples still want to go the traditional route, and some wedding venues will insist always on black tie.

And that’s exactly the problem one bride faced when she had her wedding at a venue that required guests to wear formal dress, because her own sister decided to ignore those rules and showed up. in jeans and a t-shirt.

In a Reddit post shared by the bride’s sister, she explained that she had a “masculine style” when it came to clothing and was not interested in wearing a dress, but chose not to wear a dress. costume because she didn’t like the ones she had tried on.

The woman decided to wear jeans because suits aren’t her ‘style’ (stock photo)


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So instead, she wore “sleek” jeans and a blue top – and was almost refused entry to the venue.

She said in the post, “I have a more masculine style. I just dress more masculine and casual. I’ve never liked doing my hair or makeup and I’ve never been into that girly stuff. .

“My sister got married last week and since planning her wedding started I was told I had to dress appropriately for the wedding. They expected me to do my hair or makeup , but it’s just not for me. I’m not like that at all and I don’t think I should change my way of being for a wedding.

“My mum kept telling me to at least wear something pretty even if it’s not a dress, but honestly I didn’t feel comfortable in anything. I tried costumes and even if they were beautiful, it’s not my style at all.

“I decided to just wear more expensive and smarter jeans that I own with a blue top which is not casual but not formal either. It’s the best I can do not to be 100% casual , but also comfortable .

“At first I was refused entry because the venue was all black tie, but my sister tried to convince the owner to let through this time because I’m her sister.”

During the wedding, the wife discovered her sister ‘barely spoke’ to her and when she later confronted her brother about it, she was told she had caused the bride unnecessary stress by making her talk to the landlord of where to let her in – just because she couldn’t follow the dress code.

She added: “My sister barely spoke to me or acknowledged me all night. After the wedding my parents kept telling me how immature I was about the whole thing and that I owed my sister an apology.

“I called my sister to try and talk about it and said we should really let it go, it’s just clothes. My sister then started complaining that on her wedding day she had to insist on convincing the venue owner to let me in because I couldn’t follow a common simple rule.

“She said it was more important that I prove how different I am than to compromise a little and at least wear a suit.

“I explained that it was such a dumb argument, because why should I wear a suit? [I also told her] how superficial she is for caring so much about looks and outfits, and that her wedding should be special to her beyond sparkles and expensive hair and makeup.”

But commenters on the Reddit post were firmly on the bride’s side, as they said the poster made her sister’s wedding about her when she should have just followed the instructions and worn a costume.

One person said, “Her marriage wasn’t for you. You did it for yourself. It’s selfish.”

While another added: “Dress codes are one thing. We respect them every day. You can’t wear a bikini in the office, for example. Your sister is right – why can’t you just put on second for a day and play on?”

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