The 7 Types of Dresses Every Woman Needs in Her Closet This Summer

Whether it’s a scorching day or a windy day, there’s one item that will see you through the summer: a dress. It doesn’t matter if you prefer mini or maxi, neutral or poppy prints, the perfect summer dress exists for everyone. “These essential, elevated pieces are essential in her wardrobe to take her from day to night,” says Tara Rudes Dannfashion director of The Agency.

One of the best things about a sundress is that it’s a simple piece and you’re done – all you need are some accessories to complete the look, which can take dresses in any direction for every occasion. “It’s easy to put on a dress,” Dann says. “I feel like she’s looking forward to this opportunity to have a selection of dresses that she can wear everyday with her peep toe shoe or even a slipper to keep it casual. Every season , we love that she always feels like she has a choice of dress, but summer is when she really gravitates toward dresses.

Since the options are endless, Dann curates the seven best summer clothing styles you need in your closet now, that you can wear forever.

Slip dress

This silhouette just might take the cake for being both a classic and a big part of the moment. “This scene in A pretty woman when Julia Roberts is in the dressing room with Richard Gere and she puts on this camisole, you can almost feel the silk falling on her body,” Dann says. “It’s a feeling of elegance and autonomy. A maxi slip dress is a great piece to have in your wardrobe. You can dress it up with a great pair of heels and throw it on with a flat-top denim jacket during the day. It’s a must-have day or night. You can mix it with different lengths, like the Jodiethat comes just below the knee, or a maxi, like the Serita. The Arizona is the dress with straps. It has adjustable straps and the covered button detailing with the deep v is so sleek and chic that we couldn’t wait for this to come out for women to wear it.

Printed dress

A simple silhouette suddenly becomes a head-turner when in an eye-catching print. “We’ve pretty much sold out all of our butterfly prints,” says Dann. “Women love that it’s so feminine and what better time to wear them than in the summer. We have a long dress called the Sachi dress and it’s in the green butterfly print. I threw it with our green Sandal Gisele and one Jean jacket and I felt like a billion dollars.

Cutout dress“Everyone said the cutout was such a big trend, but if it fits the body well, it’s not a trend, it’s an essential,” Dann says. The Carry creates the perfect peekaboo. “A cutout just above the waist and below the bust gives a great slimming effect. It hugs the perfect area perfectly which makes it feel safe. This creates a very nice hourglass outline.

Shirt dress

“It’s a classic because it’s so versatile,” says Dann. “It’s a sophisticated piece that will last. It’s one of those chic pieces that she can dress down or dress down and has been one of our essentials since day one. Our Cameron shirt dress is my reference. I wear it day and night, even a black tie with some great jewelry. It’s such a fantastic piece to wear over a swimsuit. It can also be worn open as a duster over a tank top and jeans.

one shoulder dress

“The one-shouldered figure is in and out; obviously they’re back now,” Dann says. “The Selena drapes over the body and gives a really cool and elevated vibe. It flourishes on the single sleeve to stunning effect.

Mini dress

Although the hem has always been short for this style, the rest is up to you. Whether you go for a strappy, puff sleeve or sleeveless style all depends on the alluring length. “The Hannah dress has a square neckline that hugs the chest,” says Dann. “We always do it in a pop color; this blue is simply fabulous.

Knit dress

“Dresses in knit that hugs the body and in raised knit fabric that hugs and holds in places make it feel full,” Dann says. “The Shelby the dress is fantastic because the knit stretches so well on the body and hugs all the right places. A knit dress should fit the body perfectly and we focus so much on that.

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