Sorry capitalist overlords, but no one fails to work in an office


The pandemic has taken so many simple pleasures from us: going to the movies, drinking in a bar, seeing the bottom half of people’s faces. But few of us, if any, complain about not going to the office anymore. The shift to working from home took away long commutes, dress codes and signing birthday cards for Pamela in human resources. While some people may miss the camaraderie of the office, the benefits of working from home far outweigh being a part of the office culture.

But according to a new article from The Information, young employees lose a lot by not working in an office. AOL CEO Tim Armstrong said young workers were missing “the greatest cycle of professional learning” of their lives, adding “If I had any advice for young people in their thirties: get back to work, … Even if your business won’t keep you coming back, create your own work environment and invite people.

Wait, so a wealthy CEO wants workers back to work regardless of their personal safety? Color me shocked. And he’s not the only one: JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon said remote working “doesn’t work” for young people or “those who want to push the envelope.” Ah yes, the hustle and bustle. Must keep pushing, never stop pushing. Because who cares about a global pandemic when there is networking to do!

But lest you believe these corporate overlords, recent studies show remote working doesn’t hamper productivity. In fact, many workers feel happier and more valued when working remotely.

But no one will think about billionaires, whose offices remain empty? And what about low-level managers and bosses who can no longer subject their employees to power games and pressure? Who will take care of the world’s Bill Lumberghs and their Hawaiian shirts on Fridays!?! WHO WILL PICK UP THE PRINTER IN THIS PAPERLESS WORLD ?!

Many have taken to Twitter to tear up those disconnected CEOs and the supposed benefits of working in an office.

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(via The Information, image: 20th Century Fox)

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