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In my free time, I often play Solitaire. Recently, I discovered several new types. My Kindle has many types of Solitaire on one of the programs.

Playing Solitaire reminds me of our trip to Alaska. We stayed in a small apartment. This apartment was pretty well stocked with movies, but we couldn’t figure out how to operate the system. When we came home in the evening, I usually read my book and let Don take my Kindle to play Solitaire. At that time, there was only the simple genre.

When I say the place was fully stocked, I mean with the exception of cups. Melanie, Don’s daughter, knew we liked our morning coffee, so she made sure there was a coffee maker and coffee – the kind her dad preferred. The first morning, I got up and made our coffee. I started opening cupboard doors looking for cups to drink our coffee from. Surprise – there were no cups. All I found in the cupboards were a few small saucepans. I asked Don if he could drink his coffee out of a saucepan. That day when we visited Melanie and her family, we made sure to bring a few cups back so that the next morning we could drink our coffee more easily.

Don often played Free Cell on his computer. I watched him play, but I never did well on my own. I saw him win several times. I have this on my machine, but even though I recently tried it, I couldn’t go through with it.

I discovered Pyramid Solitaire – cards must total thirteen to be removed. I found that I particularly like this one. I also played Golf Solitaire and Tri-Peaks. They are made the same way. Another favorite is Spider Solitaire. Of course, I also play the standard type. There’s also Kings on the Corners, but that’s definitely harder to play. At least it gives me something to do while I watch TV, because I’m not good at sitting and watching.

While playing on my Kindle, I remember my great-grandfather playing with a deck of cards. He sat in his chair near a small table and played a lot of Solitaire. (By the way, I have both the chair and the table. I think of him when I use them.) He liked to smoke cigars while playing. He put his cigar in his pipe and smoked it like this. I think at that time he was too weak to hold the cigar. I remember every time we visited her, our clothes smelled bad when we got home! Grandma often put them on the back porch. I think he only played the standard type of Solitaire.

On our train trip across Canada, a group of women had brought maps with them. They were playing cards while we were driving. They tried to teach me how to play different types of Solitaire. I really don’t remember the games they taught me, but I liked playing cards with them.

We often took maps with us. It was something for us to do when we spent time in hotels. I remember playing Kings on the Corner with playing cards, but I don’t remember either.

During our studies, we played Pinochle a lot. Most of the time when we went to lunch at the Hub, we ate and played cards. It was a break for us and we enjoyed it. In the dorm, we often played Canasta. I thought about that this week when I made a hot dog with cheese – the lunch of choice most times at the Hub.

I didn’t marry into a family of card players. My husband didn’t really like playing games. He got better in his old age – playing Trivial Pursuit with the neighbors. We played and snacked – usually vegetables and dips. We never knew when the neighbors would show up, but it was okay. We were always at home, so we enjoyed the company.

The other game I like to play on my Kindle is Scrabble. I just play against the computer and I’m doing well. I think he only beat me once. It’s a challenge to make words with the letters you draw. I’m overjoyed when I can use all my letters because it triggers a bonus. This afternoon I was ready to play a word but I saw a better word before I played. In the end, I was able to use all my letters. This earned me over eighty points.

Don used to do the Crossword Puzzles and Word Scramble in newspapers. He did them every day — to keep his mind active, he said. Well, his mind remained active and he was able to solve these puzzles until the last week of his life.

I hope I can keep my mind active with all the things I do. My cousin asked me if I remembered when she got lost coming to visit me. I told him that not only did I remember it, but also that his sunroof was leaking during the rain we encountered. She told me that I had a very good memory and I hope it will remain so!

Ann Swanson writes from her home in Russell, Pennsylvania. Contact [email protected]

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