Six fall essentials every woman should have in her wardrobe

Black to the essential

Leggings have become a wardrobe staple. However, it is a classic black that must be part of your winter outfit. From basic cotton and velor to glam leather and spandex, black leggings can be worn in many styles.
ways – you can pair it with a trendy blouse or oversized hoodie, pair it with a stylish blazer and bomber jacket, or just wear it with a crisp white shirt.


From trench coats and cashmere to parkas and wallets, coats are the perfect finishing touch to any look. There is something quite classy about them – they are versatile and can be styled in a number of ways. You can dress her up with a pair of jeans and sneakers or with a formal dress or even a saree. If you are looking for a garment that works during the cold winter months, coats are your best bet.

Knit it:

If there’s one fall trend common to all fashion cities around the world, it’s knitwear. The most stylish trend of all, knitwear is not only super chic but super comfy too. Fluffy sweaters, monotonous coordinating ensembles, oversized cardigans, midi dresses, and maxi skirts are just some of the many styles you can experiment with.

Comfort above all

You will definitely need some fun hoodies to add to your fall wardrobe. They are super easy to put on and hassle free. Whether it’s WFH or a casual outing, hoodies are the perfect choice. From luxury brands to mainstream and local brands, there is no one who has not experienced this popular garment.

Chic ankle boot:

Ankle boots never really go out of style, but this year it’s all about trying new styles. Ditch the boring black and brown for something more daring. Pastel colors, textured prints and metallic are this year’s computer trends. If you are looking for something out of the box, structured heel ankle boots, combat boots, sock style, and platforms are great options.

Not so skinny:

We can officially say goodbye to skinny jeans, at least for a while. The skin-tight style that dominated the denim scene for so long has officially been replaced with a looser, looser and looser fit. Denim is for everyone and there are so many choices – mom jeans, straight, flare, bootcut and more. Complete the look with a pair of high heels, chic sneakers or chic ankle boots.

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