Searching For Sex Offenders In Ohio Halloween

(WJW) – While Halloween is a fun time for kids to dress up and door-to-door for free treats, for parents there are a lot of safety concerns.

2021 marks the first unrestricted Halloween for many families amid the coronavirus pandemic.

As the kids go out like a traditional year, here are some tips for parents to keep kids safe.

There are 20,650 registered sex offenders in Ohio.

Sources told the I-Team that the adult parole authority has placed temporary restrictions on registered sex offenders who are on probation or on parole, so they cannot hand out candy during treats. or other Halloween festivities. They also cannot put up Halloween decorations in their homes.

This does not apply to sex offenders who are no longer on probation or parole.

According to Kids Live Safe, Cuyahoga and Summit counties have some of the highest numbers of sex offenders in Ohio.

Here are the top 10 Ohio zip codes with the highest number of registered sex offenders:

To verify your neighborhood, go to the Ohio Sex Offender Registry here.

You can enter your zip code or the zip code where you are doing a trick-or-treat.

The database will then tell you how many sex offenders are in that zip code.

You can also search for violators within a particular radius of your address.

The site will show you a map, addresses, names, ID photos and convictions.

The website also encourages parents to screen adults who have regular contact with their children, such as guardians, teachers, coaches, religious leaders and daycare centers.

The website also allows you to set up email alerts to notify you when sex offenders move into your neighborhood.

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