‘RuPaul’s Drag Race UK’ Season 3 Episode 2 Recap

My apologies to Krystal Versace because I was so wrong last week. I was like, “She’s so obvious. She’s too young. She doesn’t know what she is doing. She just gives us Drag Race Realness instead of anything original. My God, why didn’t any of you tell me to shut up? Eh? Well now I have to take it all back, put it in one Yorkshire Pie and eat it like it’s Ella Viday’s ass at the one ass convention.

Krystal really revealed it this week, and it was wonderful to see. It didn’t start so well. As all the queens enter the labor room, she can’t be silent about her victory and the weight of it all. She can even play Rupermarket Sweep, which they really should be doing, and I would watch every damn episode of it. (Really, if Leslie Jones, the host of Supermarket sweep in the United States, and Rylan Clark Neal, the host in the UK, had a baby, that would be exactly RuPaul Andre Charles.) In the game, Krystal has to say which of the queens is the greatest threat, has the worst taste, is outdated and, of course , the job of the season, which is so visibly Ella that no one is surprised except Scarlett Harlett.

River is named the Queen in Worst Taste, which makes sense after her first outfit, and Veronica is named Deprecated. I mean it was because she was on last season so she’s technically outdated, but did you time any of her boys’ clothing outfits this week? During this scene, she wears a rugby crop top so we can all see her sparkling belly button ring that she got on a boys trip to Gran Canaria. Later, when they rehearse, she wears what can only be described as a dance suit, but it has like a Steve Jobs-style faux turtleneck, and she paired it with neon heels and a pair of green fancy socks. It’s more confusing than going to a strip club that has taken over a preschool.

The big mistake is to say that Victoria Scone, who hobbles on one knee after doing a stunt in the crown lip sync last week, is the biggest threat. Ru asks why and Krystal says, “Well, she’s just the tallest.” This joke landed harder than frozen poop falling from an airplane bathroom at 60,000 feet. Even Ru is like, “Bitch, she almost beat you up last week, so…” Everyone gasps and waits until later when they can have a good time to learn.

This happens when all the queens are seated getting ready for the track, and they are both coincidentally seated next to each other. Victoria very gently and lovingly tells Krystal that she grew up dancing and struggled with her weight and eating disorders for years and that she is finally happy with her body. Krystal accepts that she made a really bad joke, says she didn’t mean it and hopes they can get along. It opens the floodgates as all the queens talk about things they hate about themselves. Elektra hates her freckles. Vanity hates being the only Dark Queen this season and has to represent so many people. Ella hates that she is so sexy that everyone is always trying to give her things, take her on trips, and be her boyfriend. The Brit Crew hate that for some reason they’re stuck in a hotel room in Croydon and can’t be on set this season. Veronica Green hates that the International Male catalog went bankrupt because she would have had a busy day with their creative sets.

The main challenge is a dance with three groups, and each must perform a separate routine inspired by Dragoton fitness. Vanity, Choriza and Elektra are the Ride or Dies, and they basically only do Ariana Grande’s “side by side“video. Vanity and Elektra are all,” We’re dancing the house with boots on, “so you know one of them is really in danger. Krystal, River, Kitty and Veronica are the Ball Busters and only have ‘only one dancer on the team, and she’s in the West End (did you know?), but there’s a lot of talk about the horror of Krystal, so you almost know she’s going to show up and kill him. Victoria, Ella, Charity, and Scarlett would be a Momercizers dream team except Victoria has a busted appendix and Scarlett spends so much time trying to be and fuck Ella that she can’t be careful. little in danger.

When performing, the Ride or Dies are the worst, and the only one who seems to know what she’s doing is Vanity. Elektra, despite all her talk about being the best dancer, is totally offbeat. Choriza can’t follow any of the choreographies, but at least she looks cute and can sell a character.

But when it comes to the characters, the Blue Balls really give it their all, especially Krystal and Kitty, giving us average boot camp instructor energy while looking like we’re trying to play Sporty Spice at Victoria Beckham’s next birthday party. (They don’t know she’s murdering the Spice Girls impersonators after she blows out the candles.) Momercise’s number seems to be over before it even starts. Because Victoria can’t dance, she’s just sitting on a stool giving us shimmies and smiles, which is also the name of the Big Gay Ice Cream Shop’s latest sundae.

On the runway, the category is Red Carpet Showstoppers, which seems like a vague theme for the episode. It had to be the same substantive convention as Ella. My favorite look is Veronica, who wears a curly blonde wig and a canary yellow dress that is fully frilly in the front and all layered in the back. Yes, it looks like a mullet highlighter. Wait, Veronica… is she wearing Bimini? I also love Charity’s orange fringed number with a koi fish cap and helmet. She sort of looks like Carol Burnett dressed as Carol Channing at Carole Baskin’s birthday party. The judges don’t feel it, however.

I think the worst looks are River, who looks like the corpse of Laura Palmer dressed for an ’80s prom, and Scarlett and Victoria, both of whom wear nondescript red dresses someone’s mom would wear for a fundraiser. official in the spring for their local hospital. The tops of the week are Veronica, Kitty dressed as Madonna as Marilyn Monroe and Krystal in a stunning green dress showing off her fake tits and tiny body and what Veronica describes as a tiny head even though both have the exact same skull. . After a great parade and a mind-blowing performance in the dance number, Krystal wins for the second week in a row and everyone immediately hates her.

In the background, Charity, who lacks sparkle in the challenge, Vanity, who wears a lilac curtain set, and Elektra, whose sparkling boxer dress resembles a costume from a community theater production of The Bodyguard: The Musical. When Vanity and Elektra get into lip sync, Vanity simply pulls off her purple wig, whips her hair back and forth, and lets her charisma ooze all over the stage. Elektra, on the other hand, just does flip, flip, Shablam, splits, splits in flips, Shablam in splits, jumps, strange Russian dances of the Nutcracker and top it off with a jump from the stage in a split and everyone is like, “Let yourself rest already.” There are too many things, and it seems like everything can fit into Elektra’s small frame. She goes home, and it’s not, um, shocking at all.

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