Perfect wedding: Bride MB from Greensburg has been committed to making wedding dreams come true for 30 years

Maja Pederson received a request from a bride who was in hospital diagnosed with terminal cancer.

Pederson, co-owner of MB Bride & Special Occasion clothing store in Greensburg with her husband Reed, relayed the message to store manager and chief buyer Jenn Mason, of Washington Township.

Mason and his teenage daughter, Abbi, packed wedding dresses and veils and made their way to the UPMC Hillman Cancer Center in the Shadyside neighborhood of Pittsburgh.

“The bride tried on dresses and took photos with the nurses who were looking after her,” said Mason, who cried as he spoke of that day in 2019. “She walked the halls of the hotel. hospital. It was really emotional, but we gave her a little joy. She was able to leave the hospital, got married and went to Walt Disney World.

“That’s what we do here at MB Bride. We connect with people. We share these important moments in people’s lives.

MB Bride has its own moment to celebrate: 30 years in business.

Over the years

Over three decades, they’ve created memories for 23,918 brides, 66,837 bridesmaids and 47,518 people in tuxedos.

“Every bride has a story, and we are honored to be a part of that story,” said Maja.

The story of MB Bride began in 1991 when Maja and Reed Pederson bought Modern Bride, a struggling small store. Reed discovered the store was for sale by owner while studying for an MBA at the University of Pittsburgh and was a student consultant.

Originally from Encinitas, Calif., He told his wife western Pennsylvania was like his native Switzerland with four seasons and skiing in winter. They met while he was working after college at an Italian restaurant in his hometown and served her.

They decided to buy the store and move to Greensburg.

The couple changed the original name because of a magazine with the same one. They said they wouldn’t think of moving the business elsewhere. They raised their two sons Sky, 25, and Clark, 22.

Continuous growth

They started with 25 wedding dresses, 40 bridesmaids dresses, 15 mother of the bride and mother of the groom dresses, and 15 prom choices.

They have grown to 550 wedding dresses, 1,000 bridesmaid dresses, 320 mother of the bride and mother of the groom dresses and 1,200 ball gowns. MB Bride has her own line of wedding and prom dresses.

JoAnne Klimovich Harrop | Tribune-Review

The MB Bride & Special Occasion dress store in Greensburg celebrates its 30th anniversary.

At first there were less than 20 dress vendors in the country. There are now over 60 of them. MB Bride buys dresses from all over the world. It is the only store in Pennsylvania to carry the Disney Fairy Tale line.

They have been on South Urania Avenue since 2004. The couple created a dedicated ballroom area in 2008 and renovated it in 2019. The rest of the store was refreshed in 2018. The alteration area received a new look in 2020.

During their first month in business, Maja sold a dress.

“I was so happy and excited,” she said. “It was just being here. I have learned over these 30 years that there is a solution to every problem. We have never left a bride without a dress.

They once ordered a size 14 and received a size 4. They found a dress for this bride. They went to New York to buy dresses.

When the pandemic shut down the business for two months, they kept in touch with the brides.

When they reopened in May 2020, they were working by appointment, limiting guests to accompanying a bride.

A family brought nine people. Four stayed in the parking lot throwing a mini tailgate party while the other four stepped inside. They took turns in the store to see the bride-to-be trying on dresses.

Dreams made

Maja recalled a bride who was overjoyed to marry the man of her dreams. While trying on her dress, she explained that her fiance was in a wheelchair following an accident and that they would be getting married on Mount Washington.

“His deep love for him made me cry,” said Maja.


Courtesy of Kristin Reynolds

Lee and Kristin Reynolds on their wedding day May 8, 2017. The dress is from the MB Bride & Special Occasion dress store in Greensburg.

Kristin Reynolds, of Belle Vernon, wore an MB Bride dress to her wedding on May 8, 2017.

“MB Bride provided me with the best experience imaginable,” said Reynolds. “The staff and the selection were excellent. I couldn’t have been happier elsewhere.

A bride had a butterfly tattoo on her shoulder in remembrance of her late grandmother. When she tried on a dress and turned to look at herself in the mirror, she saw two butterfly designs.

Mason, who has worked there for 20 years, remembers a bride wearing a necklace from her deceased mother. The moment she showed it to Mason, her mother’s favorite song entered the store.

She also saw a son who brought his mother and bought her mother of the groom dress.

“It’s such a nice place to work,” said Mason, one of the many employees who have worked there for over 10 years. “There are a lot of links being created here. I like working here because I was a bride here.


JoAnne Klimovich Harrop | Tribune-Review

From left to right, Maja and Reed Pederson, owners of MB Bride & Special Occasion dress stores, and Jenn Mason, director and chief buyer.

Technological spirit

Technology has had an impact on the business. What used to be a phone call is now communication via text messages, emails and social media platforms. MB Bride had one of the first wedding dress websites. They got calls from people who saw them online across the country but were unable to fulfill orders as there was no way to sell that way at first.

“We’ve moved on, which is why I think we’re still in business,” said Reed Pederson. “You can’t get the experience that we offer when you buy a dress online. It’s total teamwork here.

They keep their inventory up to date. Dress styles have changed over the years from ball gowns to sleek, slender silhouettes. Some styles are cyclical, like most of the fashion world. Most of the dresses they sell are ivory and blush tones. Black dresses appear as a tint for some brides.

They have donated dresses to various charities and have a military wedding dress giveaway every year. MB Bride has a rack of abandoned dresses. Three to four percent of marriages are annulled due to breakups, illnesses, runaways and other circumstances.

Build relationships

Reed said he and his wife worked on employee schedules because they needed to have a personal life. Eileen Kain-Siegel, Account Manager at Morilee by Madeline Gardner based in New Jersey, has worked with the store for three decades.

“Maja and Reed are the salt of the earth,” Kain-Siegel said. “They treat everyone like family. They care about their customers, their employees and people like me. Jenn, their manager, is great to work with. They have been in business for so long because they think outside the box. They have a vision.

Amazing things are happening in this store, said Maja. The most rewarding part is the human contact. She said that a wedding dress is more than a beautiful fabric. It is the memory of this special day that is captured in a picture that will hang on the wall for the rest of the couple’s life.

“I have been so touched by so many of our wives,” said Maja. “Thanks to these wives, I feel like I have a rich and meaningful life. I have made friends with people I have met through MB Bride. Here we share the moments of life. We cry tears of joy and sometimes tears of sadness.

Like those of the UPMC Hillman Cancer Center bride, who died shortly after the wedding.

JoAnne Klimovich Harrop is the editor of Tribune-Review. You can contact JoAnne at 724-853-5062, [email protected] or via Twitter .

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