Africa, genius of mimicry – NewsDay Zimbabwe

By Brian Sedze It is a true Thaumoctopus (mimic octopus) of human culture, economic models, social norms, health management, culture and traditions, education, intellectual commitments, laws and regulations. constitutions, democracy and politics, and even food and etiquette. It is a hollow imitation of superstates like the United States, Britain, China, Canada, and European countries. Unfortunately, […]

Jinger Duggar challenges family in shorts and a tank top as they almost FALL in a grocery run after Josh was arrested for child pornography

JINGER Duggar once again challenged her family by wearing shorts and a tank top as she nearly fell during a grocery run. The public outing of the former Counting On comes after the arrest of his brother Josh for child pornography. 12 Jinger Duggar once again defied the strict rules of modesty of his parents […]

Critical race theory came to Alabama schools through the back door

Perry O. Hooper Several schools in Alabama, including the schools in Mountain Brook and Huntsville, have attempted to bring critical race theory into the curriculum of our students through the back door. They attempted to implement the Anti-Defamation League’s “No Place for Hate” program. This program is being pushed nationwide into local school districts by […]

Kekert: Filipino fashion show – SUNSTAR

SHOWING the best of Filipino talent and design, the Filipino Fashion Show held at Ayala Center Cebu showcased pieces made by local designers and artisans. Organized by the Philippine Fashion Coalition as part of its’ Dama Ko, Lahi Ko ‘campaign which aims to promote and celebrate Filipino culture through the five senses, the Cebu stage […]

7 everyday clothes that could get you £ 5,000 fine or a driving ban

Many people may not be aware that driving while wearing everyday clothes could break the law. As a result, motorists risk getting points on their license or having to pay a hefty fine. A list of seven common clothes that could restrict someone’s driving has been identified by automotive experts Car money. Highway Rule 97 […]

Jinger Duggar Shows Off Her Legs In A Short Dress On A Date With Husband Jeremy As She Ignores Daddy’s Hard Rules Jim Bob

JINGER Duggar showed off her legs in a short dress on a date with her husband, Jeremy Vuolo. This isn’t the first time the former reality TV star has defied the strict rules of modesty of her father Jim Bob. 5 Jinger Duggar showed off her legs while wearing a short dressCredit: Instagram 5 She […]

“We are currently in negotiations with many global brands”

Starting from Jay Ambe Saree Showroom in Indrachowk in 2011, the RP Group is now the authorized supplier of 23 international brands of clothing, footwear and accessories like Da Milano Italia, Rosso Brunello, W Aurelia, Indian Terrain and Louise Philippe, among others. The group also has interests in electronics and food products. In an email […]

Uttar Pradesh Assembly Secretariat advises staff not to wear T-shirts and jeans in the office

The Uttar Pradesh Assembly Secretariat has advised its staff not to show up to the office wearing T-shirts and jeans. A memo was issued in this regard, asking all officers and employees to wear only formal wear when going to the office. “I have been asked to say that the staff working in the Vidhan […]

Randy Fenoli “can’t wrap his head” see-through wedding dresses

Randy Fenoli of “Say Yes to the Dress” told Insider he doesn’t understand see-through wedding dresses. “If I had a girl walking down the aisle, she wouldn’t be wearing a see-through dress,” he said. The 19th season of “Say Yes to the Dress” will air on Saturday. Visit the Insider homepage for more stories. Like […]