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New Delhi: As life slowly returns to normal, our penchant for impulsive clothing is gaining momentum. But with a new push towards sustainability, it’s time to organize your wardrobe and limit your purchases to the most essential items.

Unlike an overcrowded closet, a conscious closet frees up more global resources. Tushar Sethi, co-founder of Jisora, shares some new wardrobe essentials that will keep you in style while remaining inexpensive.

plain t-shirt

Everyone should have at least one plain t-shirt in their closet. We’d say it’s a must-have item that can be worn all year round, either under a leather jacket or with pants or a skirt. It works with any style and can be classified as versatile. For a casual look, pair it with your favorite jeans and shoes, or for a day out shopping, pair it with your favorite shorts or bodycon skirt. The black, white, gray, yellow and red t-shirts are some of the actual colors.

tank top

Everyone has a favorite shirt they wear all the time, but nothing beats the cool appeal of a tank top. In addition to serving as a solid base layer, today’s tank tops are experimenting with the neckline, whether through asymmetrical cuts or ultra-thin straps designed for flaunting on sunny days. No wardrobe is complete without one, whether you combine it with a pair of soft fleece shorts or layer it over a slip dress.

A dress in black

The eye-catching black dress will turn heads and is a must-have for any occasion. Pair your pretty black dress with a sparkly necklace or a stunning choker. To accompany this basic but lovely dress, a pair of shoes would be ideal. When you step into the party, we guarantee you’ll turn heads. This style is absolutely wearable; we love the basic yet elegant choker and light makeup, which go well with this outfit.

Denim shorts

All your casual outfits are incomplete without denim shorts. Denim shorts are one of the most comfortable casual clothes you can own. Pair it with a fancy top or your favorite graphic tee for the ultimate comfy look whether it’s a day at the pool party or a day out shopping with your friends. This season, high-waisted denim shorts, as well as ripped ones, are popular.

A white shirt

Nothing beats a white shirt for versatility; it can be worn for casual wear, party wear or evening wear. There is no way to avoid wearing a white shirt. This is the most basic essential you must have. When it comes to a formal look, pair it with formal pants or a tight skirt. If you are looking for a casual style, wear it with denim shorts or a flared skirt for a unique look. Experiment with bright hues to find the best combinations, because fashion is all about experimentation.

A flared skirt

Flared skirts are one of the most elegant dresses today. A flared skirt differs from a tight skirt in that it has a more flowing shape than a tight skirt. It has a more feminine appearance and looks incredibly elegant. When it comes to the trending potential of the skirt, it’s amazing; everyone from celebrities to fashion bloggers have been seen wearing it. To boost your style quotient, you need at least one full skirt in your closet. It goes well with a variety of outfits, especially formal and evening dresses.

Comfortable jeans

This pair of denim jeans that fits you perfectly and goes with everything and whose cut never fails to bring out your figure. If you still don’t have a pair of denim that fits you exactly, you are doing something wrong because having a pair of denim that fits you perfectly is very important. Without sturdy jeans, your casual outfit is incomplete. Get your favorite denim color and customize it to suit you perfectly. Pair it with a gorgeous top and accent with sparkly accessories for a party look, and Wow! You are ready to go! Don’t forget to wear your spectacular heels to turn heads.

brief shorts

A girl’s outfit should also include a pair of black tights/Slip Shorts to save you the sheer pants and see-through. Buy a pair of black tights to wear under your white or light-colored dresses or when wearing sheer or light-colored pants. Keep at least two pairs of briefs in your closet as they are a must in your wardrobe.

A pair of eye-catching heels

Whether it’s open toe, plain basic heels, pumps or whatever you choose, a striking pair of heels is a wardrobe staple. A pair of heels can give your clothes a whole new look, but it all comes down to how comfortable you are. If walking in high heels is a struggle for you, wedges and block heels are the statement shoes you need in your wardrobe. Every woman should consider investing in a pair of heels for herself.

Versatile sneakers

Sneakers are a must-have accessory for everyone, and they will undoubtedly become your closest friend for the rest of your life. A great pair of shoes that works with skirts, shorts, jeans and whatever else you wear is a girl’s dream come true; In addition, they are also comfortable, flat and easy to carry. You cannot argue that they are an essential part of your wardrobe.

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