Oregon Ducks fan clothing site ‘touching’ for Bend’s Cam McCormick and his family

“It’s recognizing someone for their character off the pitch, instead of just focusing on what they’ve done on the pitch.”

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BEND, Ore. (KTVZ) – Injured Oregon Ducks soccer player Cam McCormick of Bend receives a boost from a fan and new college rules.

“I can’t thank Jim Davis enough,” Cam said Thursday. “Doing something like that for me – I mean, that says a lot about who he is as a person and his character.”

Cam McCormick is a sixth-year tight end at Oregon.

After battling numerous injuries, the Summit graduate suffered an Achilles tendon injury on September 11 against Ohio State.

Jim Davis has been a fan of Duck since joining Eugene as a freshman in 1989.

“There is a player down. ” What is that? Who is it? And when you hear it’s Cam McCormick, you’re heartbroken, ”Davis said.

Davis has been following Cam’s journey closely and following this latest injury he decided to start a clothing site for him called #WeCamDoIt.

The clothes on the site feature a design with a photo of his first take and something he said after the game.

“He says, ‘No matter what it is, I got the first down.’ And you know, it was like a punch in the guts, ”Davis said. “Look how he’s been through adversity, his entire journey as a duck, and he’s going to say it. It was amazing to me.

Davis reached out to Cam’s mother, Debra McCormick, to share the idea.

“When Jim called me for the first time, I asked him, ‘Does anyone care? Like, is that even going to produce anything? “Debra called back.

With the new NCAA Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) rules allowing collegiate athletes to make money for the first time this year, clothing sales can actually benefit Cam, who no. never thought it could be something he could do.

“There are a few things that I haven’t really thought about with NIL, like the possibilities I could potentially work in. But I never thought something like this would be at hand, ”Cam said.

Debra McCormick said she thinks most athletes signing NIL deals are consistent starters, and players like Cam usually get lost in the mix.

“And I think that’s what’s great about this NIL deal, is that it recognizes someone for their character off the pitch, instead of just focusing on what they did on the pitch. pitch, ”Debra said.

She said the site received hundreds of orders in the first few hours.

“But it shows how big a heart they also have. For them to do something like that is so touching, ”said Debra. “I don’t even have a strong enough word to describe how we feel about this.”

Cam says he still can’t believe he’s getting so much support, but hopes he can be a positive example for others.

“Any kind of helper I could be, I want to be that helper,” Cam said.

You can visit the clothing site here.

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