Opening of a new clothing store in Sidney


When Charlotte & Emerson first opened, the vision was to provide a place where customers felt comfortable and had a wide variety of accessories and clothing at an affordable price.

The concept has broadened to include what you might call in-store shopping.

Above the Charlotte & Emerson store is decor that makes teenage girls dream with a variety of dresses for proms and formal events, and the attention paid to making sure the dress fits the customer. The atmosphere is a balance between history and elegance. The store is reminiscent of a formal reception hall, a sort of ballroom, with chandeliers, rugs to match the upholstered chairs, and historic wood floors. The counter is the old check-in when the second floor was a hotel years ago in Sidney history.

The store, the experience, is called Charlotte and Emerson Couture. Charlotte and Emerson Couture do not currently promote store hours. It is available by appointment. The appointment means that the client receives more individual attention. The idea started when Sarah Kaiser visited the second floor of the building with Kay and Dennis Hicks.

“I just had this idea to make it a real feminine place,” she said.

She hopes to extend Charlotte and Emerson Couture to set hours. For now, she insists on the relaxed experience.

The kind of dresses that Kaiser offers can be found in malls for hours in other directions. What she offers is the environment to encourage a woman to feel beautiful. Size and fashion options, and the atmosphere of feminine elegance, define an experience more than a retail relationship. She said if a customer sees a dress in another location, she can order it.

“I’m a big fan of touching, of feeling,” she said.

She said shopping online comes with a price, but modeling the dress and feeling how it is doing is a better experience.

Charlotte and Emerson Couture has been open for just over a month. The first meeting took place on August 26.

Kaiser is already planning proms at the local school in advance.

“We told the designers once you get it (dresses) ship it,” she said.

Kaiser works with World of Prom where designs are unveiled long before the typical prom season.

“We’ve already started to see them come out, so we’re excited,” she said.

Charlotte and Emerson Couture began ordering prom models in August. She said the store is doing everything possible to minimize the chances of two girls attending the same prom with the same dress design.

“We don’t sell the same dress for the same dance,” Kaiser said.

She plans to make the ball an event, not just a dance. High school years are special, she said, and she wants to help create memories. She is also passionate about the fact that children have a place for photographs.

Charlotte and Emerson Couture is not limited to women. Kaiser said the fathers took their daughters to buy their evening dresses.

While the focus has been on homecoming and early promos, the store can serve mothers of the bride as well. Emphasis is placed on all ages, the woman feeling attractive.

Charlotte and Emerson Couture is accessible just west of the Charlotte and Emerson store on Illinois Street. To schedule an appointment, call 308-249-2579, or send an email [email protected], or see them on Facebook.


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