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MILAN — “Feeling more desirable is priceless.” Based on this principle, Michael Kliger, managing director of Mytheresa, believes that the first exclusive capsule collection of women’s clothing from Giambattista Valli achieves its goal.

“During COVID-19, people started to feel more comfortable buying on the internet, and now they have a different perception and way of buying,” Valli said in a joint interview with Rome’s Kliger. , where a gala dinner on Tuesday night celebrated the collaboration. “They want to feel beautiful and not only buy practical clothes, there is an appetite for well-being.”

Certainly, Valli’s delicate and romantic cocktail dresses and gowns, which will be available worldwide from Wednesday, reflect Valli’s design aesthetic and respond to the need to “celebrate the happy times and special events of the summer season”, as the creator said, following the confinements and the consequences of the pandemic.

Valli’s feather-light chiffon dresses and Valli’s signature ruffles, pleats and floral prints come in a color palette from lemon to rosy pink reminiscent of “sherbets and romaine ice cream,” he said. declared. Born in Rome, the Italian capital is at the heart of the dedicated editorial story produced by Julian Paul, global creative director of Mytheresa.

A look from the Giambattista Valli x Mytheresa collection.
patrick hui

“I wanted to style the capsule in Rome, tell a story and give it a modern Dolce Vita context, also reminiscent of Portofino or Capri, because I like the idea of ​​clothes that have a nomadic way of traveling anywhere, of a pool party with flats to a formal event, reinterpreted every time,” Valli said.

He said he indulged in a “more dreamlike and playful side to reflecting the positive moment”.

“The capsule gives off a very positive energy, the colors, the craftsmanship, the way it meets customer needs is the perfect smoothie,” Kliger said with a smile.

“This is a special collection that allows us to create a moment, a story of fantastic products and creativity,” he continued. “Customers will not discover a capsule but a collection. We want to generate interest in the brand, for now but for more, additional moments.

The nine-piece Giambattista Valli x Mytheresa collection will have a halo and “a lasting effect to attract more customers to the brand,” Kliger said. “With her, we have many possibilities to create desire. You don’t have to be rational, he has an emotional quality that makes our clients’ dreams come true. You don’t have to buy it, but you want it.

He thinks the collection is “very inclusive”, offering couture details and fully respecting Valli’s craftsmanship. The executive praised the “incredible quality” of the garments and designs, which “impact on what is going on in the lives of our customers”.

The dresses sell for between 3,500 and 5,500 euros.

Mytheresa has been offering Valli’s collections for several seasons, so Kliger and the designer can rely on a rich customer database. “We join forces in a perfect balance between creativity and the demands of our customers,” Kliger said.


A look from the Giambattista Valli x Mytheresa collection.
patrick hui

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