My Hero Academia: 9 Benefits of Teaching at UA

My hero university elegantly merges the superhero anime genre with the high school genre, especially during the scenes set in the prestigious UA School for Trainee Heroes. The main characters in the series are all students of this school, like Izuku Midoriya and his rival Katsuki Bakugo, but there are many main characters on staff there as well.

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The UA School is home to a handful of costumed professional heroes who are ready to teach their hero training students everything they know, especially in the elite class 1-A and its rival, class 1-B. . There is a lot to love about teaching at AU, such as the professional benefits or even the personal gratification. It must be a dream come true to work at UA

9 The school is well protected

The invincible All Might could protect UA on his own if he fights in his prime, but even without him the school is well protected from villains and criminals. It is undoubtedly heartwarming for the students and the staff. Even teachers sometimes need some protection.

UA can keep the bad guys at bay with its thick walls, and the school can count on the police to show up and help bolster its defenses if needed. Importantly, teachers, as professional heroes, can serve as a protective team to protect each other and protect students from harm.

8 It must be a source of pride

Anime My Hero Academia Aizawa with Hitoshi Shinso

On a more personal note, some AU teachers must be very proud of their position as instructors in Japan’s No.1 School of Heroism. Some teachers are quite humble and probably don’t care much, but others need to be mentally encouraged.

No one could fault a teacher for being proud of their position at this school, as it is an elite school with a well-deserved reputation. The same must be true of the teachers at his rival school, Shiketsu, who flaunts their pride with crisp uniforms, including hats that must always be worn, even during the provisional hero licensing exam.

7 Teaching UA could improve a hero’s image and fame

MHA Present Micro

Not much is explored in the series, but it looks like teachers are enjoying increased notoriety and attention in the media by taking a position with UA Heroes. their own brand.

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Professional heroes can boost their image and fame in a number of ways, and teaching at UA is a great way to grab headlines or at least stay in the public conversation. Some heroes rely a lot on their reputation to be successful, and teaching AU is a good way to boost their prestige in the public eye. It should also look good on a CV.

6 AU teachers have good leadership in principal Nezu

Mr. Principal Nezu

UA teachers can make smart decisions on the battlefield while fighting bad guys, but sometimes they need a global leader who can plan ahead and prepare for any dire situation. Fortunately, every UA teacher can admire their animal boss, Principal Nezu.

Nezu has a high IQ which makes him smarter than any teacher who reports to him, and it must be so heartwarming to know that whatever happens Nezu will take matters into his own hands and formulate a plan to resolve the situation. . Even All Might and Eraserhead look to him for advice, and they always will get it.

5 AU seems well funded

The type of budget available to the AU is unclear and the history of My hero university doesn’t really have time for tedious details like that. While it is not known how much money UA receives from public funds or private donors, it is clear that the amount is quite generous.

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UA’s campus is large, modern, and well-equipped to the last brick, and the school has easily set up dormitories for all of its students, along with security measures to keep everyone safe. It must be expensive, but UA has the money for it, and teachers can take advantage of the school’s abundant resources and luxurious campus.

4 UA needs teachers for many different subjects

The names of Bakugo's heroes are rejected

Prospective teachers looking for a job can take comfort in knowing that UA School needs staff who can teach many different subjects. Whatever subject a job seeker is willing to teach, he can find a place at UA, and My hero university make this very clear.

The R-rated hero Midnight, for example, is an art teacher, and UA has a place for her. Ectoplasm is a math teacher and All Might is a dedicated heroism teacher. This kind of diversity is beneficial not only for the students but also for the staff.

3 Teachers can wear whatever they want

Some schools like Shiketsu have fairly strict dress codes for students and teachers. AU students are required to wear separate classroom uniforms and PE uniforms during physical training, but teachers have a lot more latitude in what they wear.

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Every last UA teacher can wear their hero costume if they want to, and usually they are. Yet these teachers can also dress in costumes or other formal wear if they wish, and All Might has often been seen wearing business suits as well as his hero costume. Midnight donned her own professional attire when she took part in a jewelry store heist scenario, which she clearly enjoyed.

2 AU teachers can be proud of their students’ progress

UA teachers can be very proud of themselves, having landed a job at the best hero school in the country. But a true hero fights for the good of others, not for themselves, and UA teachers should be very proud of how far their students have come.

Even the cranky and aloof Eraserhead is very proud of his class, and he trusts them on the provisional licensing exam. Her 1-B counterpart, Vlad King, is immensely proud of her own students, and similarly, Ms. Joke is quite proud of her students at Ketsubutsu School.

1 Teachers can have fun with additional roles

Anime My Hero Academia Nemuri Kayama Midnight Whip

For the most part, UA teachers are supposed to teach their assigned subjects, but they can also practice with the students and see how far they’ve come. Teachers like Midnight clearly enjoy their bonus role as a training partner for these students in teacher versus student battles.

In addition to this, UA teachers can volunteer to serve as announcers and hosts for other events, such as the UA Sports Festival. Midnight had a lot of fun in the role, and hero DJ Present Mic supported her by commenting on the knockout tournament.

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