Meet London’s hottest new fitness fanatic

Since the age of eight, Artur Zolkiewicz has been crazy about fitness, wellness and healthy living. A few decades later, he has an enviable list of models and moguls he regularly trains and builds businesses left, right and center. With them all going from strength to strength, VF sat down with the legendary trainer, to discuss his inspirations and aspirations – and where to start for those who want to launch a healthier lifestyle.

VF: What brought you to fitness?

AZ: I have been passionate about fitness, wellness and performance for over two decades. My passion for movement and performance began when I started training and competing in martial arts at the age of eight. My interest in nutrition had started even earlier in life – I was raised as a vegetarian in Poland, a country known for its carnivorous culture. This experience allowed me to learn more about the importance of nutrition and the relationship people have with food, but also as a way to express emotions, socialize with others and how much we we identify with the way we eat.

I started training models by traveling and working as a model myself. I simultaneously worked as a freelance journalist and it didn’t take long for me to start writing about health and fitness. I then committed to coaching full time when I moved to London seven years ago. Since then, I have managed to work with several celebrities, billionaires and A-List models. Working with my clients now, I see myself more as a performance and health coach rather than “just” a personal trainer.

I view training as a performance system rather than just fitness. This is also the approach I use with my clients. This ranges from coaching in the areas of sleep, nutrition, recovery and more.

VF: What is your favorite exercise method?

AZ: My own training routine is a mix of several different disciplines. I do several weightlifting sessions, as well as martial arts sessions a week. I also spend a lot of time stretching and mobilizing. I have also recently introduced hot yoga to my weekly schedule which has been a great addition and has helped me relax both physically and mentally.

I firmly believe that you can’t achieve lasting, long-lasting results without incorporating sufficient recovery practice. Personally, I start each day with an infrared light session and combine it with a few minutes of a particular breathing technique that allows me to mentally focus and prepare for the day. I usually meditate/nap during the day and use self-hypnosis or meditation to switch off at night. I also regularly practice various types of contrast therapies which include cold (cryotherapy chamber, cold showers, ice baths) and heat (sauna, infrared sauna, etc.).

VF: What are your big plans for the future?

AZ: The future is definitely very exciting. I’ve teamed up with some amazing people to open a new ultra-luxury private health/wellness club in London’s Mayfair. Our goal is to redefine the way people view and consume health and wellness. I am currently traveling around the world visiting various amazing facilities, attending health/wellness events and developing the concept. It is a challenge to innovate in the field of well-being, especially in a market as saturated as London. However, I am convinced that with the fantastic team we have in our corner, we can build something truly exceptional.

Apart from that, I also co-founded a start-up called ZoopScoop and we are about to launch our first product. ZoopScoop is an innovative solution that dramatically improves the dispensing, portability, hygiene, and measurement of powdered supplements such as collagen, greens, protein powders, and more. My dream has always been to create a business that improves people’s health while being economically viable. I plan to do just that with the few projects I’m working on!

VF: What is the perfect workout without equipment?

AZ: It really depends on your goals, what you like and what you want to get out of it. Personally, I like to combine several different movement systems and training methods to get the best results. My gear-free sessions typically incorporated exercises and moves inspired by martial arts, yoga, and Pilates, to name a few. Our body is so versatile and we can do so much with it. There’s this quote I love from “Everybody’s Free (To Wear Sunscreen)” by Baz Luhrmann: “Use your body however you can, it’s the best instrument you’ll ever own”. I couldn’t agree more. The human body was designed to move, and we need to keep it that way.

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