MCU Characters Who Wear the Least Practical Clothes

Countless comic book heroes have gone from paper to film thanks to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Many fan favorites have had complete makeovers, while some continue to wear the iconic outfits they wore when they were created.

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The MCU allowed its characters to evolve in relation to their surroundings. With every threat that enters the universe comes the need to adapt, meaning many heroes will need to alter their approach if they hope to emerge victorious. Some will seek to upgrade their costumes, but others will fall victim to their classic attire and refuse to believe it plays as important a role as it does.


8 Spider Man

Before his first meeting with Tony Stark, Peter Parker was a small crime fighter who had to fight his way through an unforgiving world. Every Spider-Man depicted in the movies had to create their own costume to fight crime, and while Tom Holland’s version is never seen during the creation process, the end result is nothing short of comical.

After trying to stop the Vulture alone by Spider-Man: Homecoming, Tony Stark relieves Peter of his upgraded costume, forcing the young crime-fighter to return to his roots. Unlike his more iconic Spider-Man costume, Peter’s first outfit looked more like pajamas than a crime-fighting suit. It was a loose amalgamation of colorful fabrics that presented him more as a target than a hero.

seven strange doctor

After abandoning his medical field, Doctor Stephen Strange embarked on a journey to unleash the magical powers that reside within him. Although it took time, Strange became one of the most powerful wizards to ever exist, but his possession of incredible power doesn’t excuse him from his poor fashion sense.

He dresses as one imagines a wizard, with elegant robes and a cape. His powerful position requires him to dress appropriately, but his choice of attire can only do so much for him in a combat situation. Although his cloak has saved him many times, wearing a living entity around his neck is far from practical, regardless of loyalty to the wearer.

6 Bruce Banner/Hulk

It’s refreshing to see what heroes do in their spare time, especially when an audience can relate to their efforts. The depiction of the Hulk in Avengers: Endgame serves to reveal a much more humanistic side to his hulking alter ego, but perhaps he should have invested in a new set of clothes before transitioning.

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Before the events of End of Game, Hulk would usually be seen wearing nothing more than a pair of ripped shorts after his transformation. Although Bruce tries to remedy this portrayal of himself, his choice of casual clothing presents him as much less threatening than he once was. While he has every right to wear whatever he feels comfortable in, it might have been wiser to pack something more suited for the final battle against Thanos.

5 green goblin

When Norman Osborn isn’t parading in one of his formal business suits, he’s usually seen soaring through the skies on his glider in ridiculous green armor. After wandering into a different universe, Norman destroys his goblin helmet in an attempt to deny the suit’s hold on him, but this newfound freedom doesn’t do much for his fashion sense.

After his mask is destroyed, Norman decides to cover his armor with clothes to conceal the power he wields. The clothes are quickly torn and torn in his first battle, but he refuses to take them off. Each strand hangs from a thread, but Norman finds it necessary to keep them attached to his armor no matter what.

4 Hawk Eye

Hawkeye’s placement in the Avenger ranks is due to his impressive archery skills. He is quick and agile, two traits that allow him to quickly rise to great heights. This, along with his impressive aim, allows him to dispatch enemies incredible distances.

Hawkeye has gone through several costume changes during his time in the MCU, and for good reason. While his initial choice of clothing favored mobility, it undoubtedly left him open to oncoming attacks from his foes. The lack of sleeves also makes it much more susceptible to injury while climbing. If he hadn’t changed in the end, this outfit could easily have been his downfall.

3 Black Widow

Introduced in iron man 2, Natasha Romanoff has become one of the team’s most iconic Avengers. She is a trained Black Widow, which means she is a skilled assassin that only a select few are able to defeat in battle. While she lacks the otherworldly abilities of her comrades, that doesn’t diminish the raw human strength she harbors.

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Natasha has become a much more powerful presence in The Avengers where she and her team were tasked with defeating Loki. Most of her comrades approach the battle with effective means of protection, but Natasha decides to arrive in a catsuit. This outfit might have looked the part, but it had little use in combat.

2 moon knight

Steven Grant lived the life of an ordinary man, but he eventually learned that his mind harbors another, more sinister version of himself. After discovering the alter ego that inhabits him, Steven is plunged into a world of danger that forces him to retrace his steps and unearth his origins. Unlike his more confident counterpart, Marc Spector, Steven is unfamiliar with the world of crime and the chaos that resides therein.

To protect himself from his enemies, he calls on the powers of Khonshu and materializes an outfit to assist him in combat. Marc used these abilities to create a costume that struck fear into those who opposed him, but Steven chose something more sophisticated. When in possession of his body, Steven will wear a magnificent white costume and a mask. While it might score her points in a fashion show, it’s far from a practical clothing choice for battling the powers of evil.

1 scarlet witch

Before his much-needed costume change seen in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, Wanda Maximoff wore simple outfits that made her look ordinary. Her evolution in the MCU has seen her become one of the most powerful characters present in the franchise, so it was about time she was given the proper clothing to convey that.

Before embracing her full strength, Wanda fought alongside the Avengers in plain clothes that did little to help her in battle. The outfit she wears Captain America: Civil War consists of a corset partially covered with a long blazer-style coat. This odd outfit choice is meant to restrict her movements and thus diminish the overall power she wields. Despite being one of the strongest beings to exist in the MCU, her impractical and over-sexualized costume design attempted to diminish the strength she was able to unleash.

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