Macy’s has partnered with Project Phluid to celebrate Pride this year

June is LGBTQ Pride Month, and while supporting, uplifting, and listening to queer people is crucial 365 days a year, the occasion marks a great time to give the queer community some extra love. One way to introduce yourself this year is to learn about the history, efforts and creations of queer people through companies like The Phluid projectwhich runs a gender-neutral clothing store, collaborates with queer, trans, Latinx, black, and women-owned brands, and offers signage and educational resources through its platform.

The company founded by Rob Smith has been committed to deconstructing the gender binary in fashion from its earliest days. And while there’s a lot to do, The Phluid Project provides a space for queer youth to see themselves represented in a very simple and forthcoming way, through grassroots styles that name our identities. In honor of Pride Month, Macy’s has teamed up with the Phluid Project to bring cute summer accessories you’ll be wearing long after June is over.

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