Kate Middleton: the Duchess imitates Diana with “accessible and accessible” polka dots

Kate Middleton has often been inspired by her late mother-in-law, Princess Diana, in the past decade since she joined the royal family. The Duchess has worn outfits in the past that resemble the ensembles Diana wore – from tailored blazers to maxi dresses. Polka dots were another trend Diana wore often, which Kate has now emulated.

Express.co.uk spoke to two fashion stylists who shared their expertise on Kate’s use of polka dot outfits.

TV stylist and fashion expert Miranda Holder explained that polka dots are a good pattern choice for anyone in the public eye, as they make the wearer appear “closer”.

She said: “Polka dots are a timeless and elegant fashion trend that is perfect for a regal wardrobe, as they inject a bit of character into a look while being refined, making them a natural choice for the beautiful Duchess of Cambridge.

“This year Kate really did her own look, wearing a striking monochrome look to Royal Ascot, a beautiful blue polka dot dress to Wimbledon and even a low key print dress to Prince Phillip’s memorial service.”

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Miranda continued: “Princess Diana, who knew a trick or two about dressing for impact, was also a fan of the pattern, which brings a soft, playful feel to an outfit, making the wearer more approachable and approachable – an effective-tactical style for anyone in the public eye, especially a future queen.

“Kate’s signature look is monochromatic – wearing a single color from head to toe – which can make an impact and helps the Duchess be easily identified, cementing her personal brand.

“Polka dots are a welcome diversion as they add character while remaining neutral and timeless – two key factors in royal wardrobes.”

The polka dot print is versatile and accessible to everyone, according to Miranda.


She said: ‘It comes in a rainbow of patterns and scales, and can be dressed up for casual daytime wear or elevated for a more sophisticated look, as is usually seen on the Royals.

“It’s been particularly popular this year because fashion is cyclical, so the print has regained traction with designers and retailers, but Kate was also said to have been inspired by Diana’s previous stunning looks, which were nothing short of less than iconic.”

Personal stylist and fashion expert Samantha Harman agreed that Kate could have taken inspiration from Diana for her polka dot looks this year.

According to Samantha, Kate’s Royal Ascot outfit this year was very similar to an ensemble Diana wore years ago.

She said: “But what’s really interesting about Kate’s Royal Ascot look is how much it resembles a dress worn by Princess Diana at the same event.

“It’s very possible that he was used as a reference point for this look.

“All these years, Diana has always been a source of fashion inspiration. It’s no surprise that Kate, like many other women, looks to Diana for ideas.

Samantha added that “the polka dots are a classic print that allows the royal family to have a little fun in an otherwise very formal outfit”.

“The popularity of polka dots dates back to the 1800s when polka dancing became popular and the first time machines were able to evenly space the dots on the fabric,” she said.

“Even the Queen has been seen in polka dots before, so she really does have the royal stamp of approval, unlike most prints.

“We’ve seen Kate a few times before – she’s a fan of Alessandra Rich’s designs and has a number of navy or black and white polka dot dresses, which she’s worn on a number of occasions.”

The Duchess of Cambridge also wears a brown and white polka dot dress.

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