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In her Newsletter OnTheJLo Thursday, Jennifer Lopez shared more details about her and Ben AffleckSeptember 20 wedding ceremony in Georgia.

JLo posted pictures of the trio of Ralph Lauren dresses she wore to the “rustic country-chic” ceremony and the “delicious brunch” that followed. The first dress, she explained, was a short-sleeved number comprising over 1,000 handkerchiefs and hundreds of yards of fabric, all ruffled and hand-sewn around the skirt.

Lopez mentioned she surprised Affleck with the recording artist Marc Cohnwho sang the couple down the aisle with Cohn’s “perfect wedding love song,” “True Companion.”

Apparently, it was the couple’s favorite when they were first supposed to wed, in 2003.

For their part, the children of Lopez and Affleck from their previous respective marriages with Mark Anthony and Jennifer Garnier also had a role to play: Lopez’s twins Max and emma join the girls of Affleck Purple and Seraphine and his son samuel in a walk down the aisle to the song “The Things We’ve Handed Down”.

J Lo also noted that the ceremony included dialogue written by Affleck for his own 2016 film, Live the night“‘This is heaven. Here. We’re here now,'” Lopez explained. .”

Lopez thought back to “Bennifer’s” formal reformation, explaining the couple “laughed the night before at the thought of remarrying at our age.”

Jennifer is 53 and Affleck is 50.

“We’d both been married before and we’re not exactly kids anymore, but somehow now seemed like the only age that made sense…for us, it was the perfect time “, she enthused. “Full circle – and not at all like we expected. Better.”

She summed up, “That night was truly heaven.”

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