Jeans styles that are in, out and classic

For a long time, my relationship with jeans was uncertain. Yes, I wore them daily, but not without moaning beforehand as I anticipated the leg acrobatics that the process of putting on jeans entailed. If the image of jumping into your bedroom to pull on a pair of jeans resonates with you, then you too have lived in the era of skinny jeans craze. I’m talking about the days of tight jeggings. *shivers.* I’ll say what everyone thinks: thank you goodness those days are over.

Jeans styles evolve like everything in fashion, and I couldn’t be happier with the transition to looser, more accessible silhouettes. Today, I don’t mind putting on jeans in the morning anymore. I’m actually a big denim girl and love that a good pair can take you from running during the day with cool sneakers and a simple white t-shirt to a night out with strappy heels and a trendy top. I took an editor’s poll in Who What Wear’s office about in, out and classic jeans styles. The results were clear and clean: say goodbye to those skinny jeans and make way for oversized, low rise and flare styles. As for a classic choice, straight leg jeans never fail. Below, shop the cutest jeans around.

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