Item of the week: the sequined dress


What it is:

As the holiday season quickly approaches, it seems like the time is right to dive into a holiday classic: the sequined dress. A common phenomenon in both SS22 catwalks and social media trends, the sequined dress is a must-have party look, perfect for the on-going transition from locking life to the new sense of normal that some face. as the restrictions slowly ease. Glitter has the ability to bring any color to life, with a wide variety of options ranging from classic metals, like silver and gold, to more daring tones, such as bright pinks and primary hues. . Clothing styles also offer endless silhouette possibilities. Many brands have gone for drop-waisted or loose-sequined dresses for the coming season, while others are sticking to body-hugging looks that hug the figure with sparkles. Either way, the sequined dress continues to dominate the popularity contest as a statement-making garment for special occasions.

Image: The Kooples

Why you will want it:

A defining trend of the last few months and the coming year is the desire to “go out”, which essentially corresponds to the need for extravagant party outfits. The drastic shift from loungewear to just about everything else has been significant as clients begin to migrate out of containments and begin to venture into their favorite party scenes. The sequined dress is a must-have party outfit, providing a safe yet fun option both for special occasions or just for a regular weekend event. Her large presence on a multitude of designer runways for SS22 has shown her continued importance over the coming year, as we step away from jogging bottoms and seek something to celebrate the return to ‘normal’.

Image: Molly Bracken

Where we saw it:

Partywear was one of the trending topics for the coming season, with many brands opting for extravagant sequins in their Spring / Summer 2022 collections. Versace was one of the main culprits behind the glamor of its runway show. Milan Fashion Week, with a slew of models (and even Dua Lipa) wearing miniature sequin dresses reminiscent of a night out in the ’60s. Another much sought after look came from Loewe, who showcased a reconstructed version of the style under the Shaped like a loose cami dress, featuring an exaggerated leg slit trimmed with contrasting sequins.

Valentino and Chanel, on the other hand, kept it simplistic, showing off fitted dresses adorned with head-to-toe sequins, optimizing classic silhouettes like one-shoulder. Louis Vuitton, however, took the trend in a whole other direction, in the form of Marie-Antoinette-style dresses as part of a runway that drew inspiration from antique fashion. The saddlebag dresses were heavily embellished with sequins and other embroidered details, really showing off the length the sequin trend was stretching for the season.

Image: Dorothée Schumacher

How to style it:

The great thing about styling a sequined dress is that it is not complex because more often than not the dress can speak for itself. The only thing that changes the outfit is the general silhouette of the dress on hand. If you go for a fitted dress, sitting above the knee, a stylish option to take the wearer from one place to another is to pair the garment with an oversized blazer. Complete the look with heeled sandals and you’ve got an outfit that can go from a casual look to a party look in just seconds. Alternatively, if over-the-top glam is the priority, a loose dress can be paired with over the knee boots and a matching clutch, bringing a bit more sophistication from head to toe. In total contrast, wearers could also turn a sequined dress into an everyday outfit. Slipping on an oversized sweater and lace-up ankle boots gives the wearer effortless appeal, with an outfit that can be worn even in the supermarket.

Image: Vero Moda

Ultimately, the sequined dress will be an evening trend that will probably never go away. The unlimited possibilities of silhouette and coloring make it a garment that can appeal to a wide audience, illustrated by the example in the parades of the season 2022. As it becomes more and more possible to return to bars, clubs and pubs, customers are turning to showcasing an outfit that hasn’t seemed possible over the past two years. Filling a store with sparkle and shine will help reclaim “outlet” fashion, offering sequins and glamor as a substitute for loungewear and pajamas.

Image: Michael Kors


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