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running streams Macklemore

Macklemore may have his hands full with new music in the works and three young kids at home, but he knows better than anyone that you’re never too busy to celebrate Giving Season.

“I think service work is an imperative part of the human experience, to come out of yourself, to connect with other people to really remember what’s important,” the musician told PEOPLE. “I like to share what I have been given.”

This season, the “Next Year” rapper, 38, is doing well in his hometown of Seattle, where he teams up with Brooks Running to help support Mary’s Place, a local shelter that serves homeless people.

Macklemore and the Track Society are calling on people across the country to join their Run Merry movement – an initiative that will donate $ 50,000 to Mary’s Place – by naming loved ones on social media, who may well receive a “surprise” for doing it, he says.



running streams Macklemore

“What’s really important is knowing that we can all present ourselves in an authentic way – and whether it’s just listening to someone’s story, whether it’s get involved in serving a meal or making a donation… When we do that, the door is open to really feel fulfilled, ”he says.“ I think that’s what we’re all looking for with our time here. “

As he takes stock of what’s most important to him, Macklemore – who shares children Sloane Ava Simone, 6, Colette Koala, 3, and Hugo Jack, 5 months, with his wife Tricia Davis – stand by focus on gratitude this holiday season, and slow things down to focus on loved ones.

“It’s just about getting together with friends and family,” he says. “My dad just had the surgery, I realize my parents are old and who knows what’s going to happen? None of us will get out of this living world. Let’s really take this and be present.”

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Of course, the three-time Grammy winner is also set to spread Christmas cheer around the house in the usual ways like music, eggnog (he’s not a fan so he’ll cut his own with some eggnog. milk) and Elf on the Shelf.

“The tree is upright. We just have clear lights. My kids have complained several times that we don’t have colored lights, so they prefer grandma’s tree to ours, which I I’m sure it hurt my wife’s feelings, “he added. he jokes.

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As he heads into the New Year, the musician (born Ben Haggerty) says he’s working on pulling off the “juggling act” that comes with balancing his career with three children under the age of 6 – including one who has a fairly independent sequence.

“Sloane has a great ear. She doesn’t hold back anything and she hurts me regularly, so she does her job as a girl,” he jokes of his oldest child. “She loves going to the studio. She goes there and does freestyle. Her beatbox got really good, she learned to beatbox herself.”

Macklemore jokes that Sloane has “worked on taking advice” in the studio, where he often escapes to focus only on recording for five to seven days at a time.

“I do my best every day,” he says. “I work in the morning when the kids are at school. I pick them up, I’m with them until they fall asleep. I start working again around 8:30 am. I work just when I can.”

To learn more about the #RunMerry initiative, click here.

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