How to stay cool and look professional in the heat?

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“I have meetings with clients in person for the first time in ages! I reserve lunches on the open-air terrace for everyone’s comfort level. But I went to one yesterday and my carefully selected outfit was a sweaty, crumpled mess in the heat! Now that business is on the outside, how can I look professional while still being cool? ” —Cory from downtown Toronto

Ah, the risks of overheating. Yes, summer looked better (or we looked better in summer) in our lockdown fantasies before the real, scorching, sticky, often rainy reality. But I remain in the space of joy and hope, here: Isn’t it amazing to see so many people outside? I have the whiplash of the joys of people watching again!

I learned the value of the tips below from my own experience over the past week. Stunned to meet a girlfriend, we went to a half-cheesy Yorkville patio and ordered a real classic ladies lunch: gazpacho, poached salmon, iced white wine: the works! I had spent an unusual amount of time trying to find the right light outfit. Still, it took a little bit of my euphoria about the celebration when I felt so crumpled and soggy than when I had home I threw the neatly organized outfit on the floor of my closet and closed the door on it. Take that, sweat ball!

So I’m very interested in solving this problem for you, Cory. I called Jessica Panetta, always spotless. The public relations and fashion and beauty events specialist is now also an on-air fashion expert with a leading Canadian morning show. Clients of her company, Conceptual Events Society, included Canadian design stars Lesley Hampton, Wuxley, as well as international labels Giambattista Valli and Armani Beauty, as well as socially progressive startups such as Rubies, a fashion line for transgender girls. . She’s also dressed celebrities for high-pressure red carpets such as the Junos and Emmys (and helped get Elaine Lui into her Hampton gown at the Golden Globes which went viral), so she knows by circumstances that make sweat.

“I can totally understand! ” she says. “We’ve all been on a patio literally melting away. In public relations, you need to be collected and polite to meet clients. The most important thing to remember, says Panetta, is “the person with you melts too”. Her first tip is to use color to your advantage. The winter basic, black, is not a good choice for patio meetings. “It absorbs the sun, we forget that. White, on the other hand, helps repel the sun to keep you cool, in addition to looking effortless and cold. But Panetta’s real patio preference is color. The color looks summery, she says. Color is a mood lift, and if you’re feeling good, you look good.

In general, patio meetings require a less formal dress code: no one expects someone to be wearing a suit at this time. You can opt for a loose blouse or dress or a straight dress or to avoid the tacky and tacky feel of more fitted items, but you should always keep the look as crisp and fitted as possible. Panetta suggests adding a belt for instant polish, if only for your meeting (you can slip the belt into your bag afterwards and be free again!).

Now for the shoes: heels just feel too much too soon, don’t they? Panetta recommends colorful slides this summer. They are fun and closer together than the more earthy sandal styles. They add a pop of color to your outfit, and they lengthen the leg if they have a low heel, like the sky blue ones below from Brown’s. “You need a comfortable shoe to walk to work, then wear to dinner. Remember, “she adds,” if your feet are uncomfortable, you are going to focus on that and feel hotter. “No hotter than in the hot summer, but hot like throwing away your wrinkled clothes. on your soil with contempt.

Another anti-heat accessory that Panetta has deployed is the hat. “The old me wouldn’t have been caught dead in a hat,” she said, “but I don’t want to do my hair right now. Hairstyles tend to go to hell in a hand basket in the damp, anyway. “There’s a style evolution for all of us right now. The old rules, even our own personal rules, do not apply. Plus, a hat has other practical uses: it helps you stay cool in the beating sun and protects your face from sun damage. So, this summer, it’s a function ahead of fashion. Still, you can find something cute: “It’s a chance to coordinate with your outfit,” says Panetta. She bought a variety of hats from Holt Renfrew and Printemps Paris (online), as well as, for more casual get-togethers, bob hats from Hoi Bo, by Sarra Tang, who has a shop in the distillery. (Panetta also refers to Hoi Bo’s straight linen dresses as summer lifesavers; they come in many shapes, from high-necked halter necks to tunic mini dresses, in pretty shades of pink, gold and gold. sky blue.)

Panetta started her career as a teacher, and this skill set is something she continues to build on to this day. “To paraphrase Tom Ford,” she said, “dressing well is part of good manners.” I believe you show respect for the job and for the people you work with, when you dress the play and watch the play. We instinctively attribute the ability to people who make the effort to dress neat, and laziness to those who don’t care about the details. For Panetta, “when I makes a little effort, mentally it puts me in this place, it gives me confidence. A little planning (and maybe a little shopping!)

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