How to Choose Your Wedding Dress Based on Your Zodiac Sun Sign

When it comes to choosing your wedding dress, there are many things to consider, such as the time of year, your meeting place, and of course, your personal style. While you are deciding between a prom dress and a sheath, there is one more aspect to consider that could finally help you narrow down the choices and say yes to the dress: your sun sign.

“Your sun sign represents your basic personality, but in astrology the sun also represents life, growth and abundance – all the things brides want to invoke on their wedding day,” says writer and astrology expert , Sophie saint thomas. “The sun asks you to wear what will make you happiest. Your guests and your partner can adapt to your order ”

However, before choosing a dress to suit your zodiac, it is important to note that the astrologer Natasha Weber advises to use your rising sign as an indicator if you are not in resonance with your sun sign. “In astrology, your rising sign dictates your appearance,” Weber says Brides. “This way you will always express an authentic piece of your astrological puzzle.”

“Being true to your celebrity style means you’ll feel more comfortable in your wedding dress,” Weber says. “And someone who feels comfortable in what they wear radiates beauty and confidence from inside and out, whatever their sign.

Below, our expert astrologers describe the wedding dress styles inscribed in the stars for your particular sun sign. Enjoy!

Fire: Aries, Leo and Sagittarius

Fire signs are well known for bringing warmth and attracting light, and Weber says that when it comes to wedding dresses, there are no exceptions. “Road signs are more likely to take calculated fashion risks – do anything to impress,” she explains.


“As the first sign of the zodiac, Aries just has to be the highlight,” says Saint Thomas. Think bold dresses with some shock value, like a sultry, strapless mermaid. “The thigh slits and plunging necklines give the cosmic green light to this racy sign,” she adds.


More is more and better for the mighty lioness, and the Sun-ruled Lions are always looking to make their entrance. Saint Thomas says that a ball gown with a long train is a style every Leo should at least try out. Weber adds that the Lions might consider including a pop of color, either with their dress or as an accessory, to add some powerful spice.


“The athletic Sagittarius loves a dress that they can move around freely, so tight, sultry bodices came out,” Weber explains. In fact, Sagittarians love movement so much that Saint Thomas strongly recommends looking into styles that will boost the energy of the bride. “Go for bell sleeves, long trains, chandelier earrings and their worn hair,” she suggests. You can also consider flats or sneakers instead of high heels so you can stay on the dance floor all night.

Earth: Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn

Taurus, Virgins, and Capricorns are all focused on classic elegance and style, Weber explains. “Earth signs shine the brightest, playing it safe,” she says, so look for styles that scream sophistication and class.


“Avoiding a fashion faux pas is vital for conservative bulls,” Weber says. “Instead, they exude subtle beauty in quality fabrics that feel amazing and drape exquisitely over the body.” Saint Thomas says that Taurus will probably feel happier to skip a corset and instead choose a dress “chic, comfortable and sexy, like a sheath dress with floral lace”.


“A modest, understated and understated dress is perfect for Virgo,” Weber explains. Look for solid A-line skirts, sharp angles and modern silhouettes paired with carefully cut jewelry. And whatever style Virgo chooses, Saint Thomas says that a highly skilled tailor is essential to satisfying the mathematical mind and Virgo’s love of precision.


The traditional, sophisticated Capricorn bride is “eternally elegant,” Weber says, so no need for oversized skirts or puffed sleeves – this bride will likely want to keep things purely classic. That said, Saint Thomas noted that Capricorns have “a secret evil side,” so choose sexy bridal lingerie to match your understated style.

Air: Gemini, Libra and Aquarius

“Cerebral air signs are likely to imagine something innovative, like a veil that transforms into a shawl or an overskirt that reveals a minidress on the first dance,” Weber explains. Whatever style they choose, aerial signs want to make a unique impression.


“Gemini are affectionate air signs that like variety,” notes Saint Thomas, which is why she suggests this sign should budget for both a formal dress and a reception gown. Weber also recommends something playful, like a ’60s-inspired minidress, and urges Geminis to take their time and trust the process as they “might change their mind a few times before feeling over their favorite.” .


Since Libra is ruled by Venus, the goddess of romance, Saint Thomas says they will want to look into their ways of loving beauty. “The Librans set the trends, they don’t follow them,” Weber explains. This means that any style that makes you feel unique and beautiful is definitely the way to go.


“Aquarius shines the most when she gives vent to her inner rebel on her wedding day,” Weber notes. “A striking point of difference sets this bride apart from the rest.” As the most eccentric sign in the zodiac, both experts agree that Aquarians are the most likely to break away from the traditional white of the bride. Whether it’s a metallic dress, like gold or pink (the color of love), don’t be surprised if you stray away from more muted tones.

Water: Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio

When it comes to being sentimental on their wedding day, no one feels like a water sign, says Weber. “Expect the emotional water sign wedding dress to scream romance, Mills & Boon style,” she explains.


“True to her aquatic, ethereal beauty, the Pisces bride looks like a dream come true in a mermaid-style wedding dress,” Weber explains. Additionally, since Pisces worship water, Saint Thomas suggests that brides look into this element. “Brides already need something blue, and in the magic of colors, blue represents peace and quiet,” she explains. “Wear a sky blue dress or blue shoes with traditional white. “


“Romantic crabs love ruffles, frills and all that is pretty,” Weber notes, so consider a Cinderella ball gown style paired with a sweetheart neckline. Saint Thomas also notes that Cancers feel more beautiful when surrounded by loved ones, so consider incorporating a family heirloom, such as a brooch or bracelet, into their wedding day style.


“Scorpios love mystery, so a Scorpio bride should definitely wear a veil on her wedding day to accentuate the drama,” says Saint Thomas. And Weber adds that a bodycon fit and flare dress “that screams drama” is made for a Scorpio queen. As for the color? Both experts agree: if someone wears a black dress on their wedding day, it’s a Scorpio.

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