How to change clothes and hairstyle in Pokemon BDSP

Character customization is a feature of Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl that allows you to create a custom character of your choice. From the choice of her clothes to her skin color, you have all the options available to use it. In this guide, we are going to show you how to change clothes and hairstyle in Pokemon BDSP.

How to change clothes and hairstyle in Pokemon BDSP

The character customization feature was first introduced in Pokemon X and Y and has been part of the latest Pokemon series ever since. However, in Pokemon BDSP the customization is relatively limited to most Pokemon games.

Customization of characters

Unlike previous games, you cannot choose a particular hairstyle for your character, as any hairstyle in the game comes with an outfit attached. If you change your outfit, you will automatically change your character’s hairstyle according to their clothes.

Second, you cannot change your character’s eye color. This feature has also been removed, causing Pokemon BDSP character customization to lack options.

To change your character’s outfits, you need to select the name of a trainer when creating the character, then proceed to selecting any outfit from the range, change your character’s skin tone and finally, select the gender of your choice.

When changing your outfit, keep in mind that the result is permanent and irreversible.

If you don’t like your character’s outfit after you customize it, you can’t change it unless you restart the game again. Therefore, do not rush when changing your outfit.

As mentioned before, you don’t have the creative freedom to change your hairstyle individually in Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl and you will end up with a random hairstyle that is already paired with a particular outfit of your choice.

Metronome style store location

Now to really change your outfit you need to head to Town of Veilstone. To unlock the city, however, you must defeat the leader of the Gardenia Gymnasium in Eterna City.

Once you’ve defeated the Gym Leader and entered town, head to the Metronome style shop.

The store is located south of the city. You will find it north of the entrance to Route 214. If you’ve played the original game, you’ll notice that this location was once where the Game Corner building was located.

Once you find the store, go inside and talk to the lady at the counter to change your clothes or buy new ones.

Both choices have their own option prompts. To select I would like to go shopping if you are impatient to buy your outfit or you can select Change my style if you want to change your purchased clothes.

Much like the limited character customization, the variety of outfits is also limited, with only a few styles of clothing, and the winter offering called Platinum Style is locked in because it is part of the Pokemon BDSP DLC.

You can also choose winter and cyber outfit styles. Most of your outfits consist of jackets. The fan favorite this year is the Pikachu hoodie used as part of winter wear.

In addition, you will have access to a jacket for Eevee, a Gengar jacket and a leather jacket. That’s pretty much all of the types of outfits you can buy or modify in Pokemon BDSP.

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