Hollywood Myths, Cracked: 4 Things High School Movies Get Wrong

It’s another series of Hollywood Myths, Cracked – the series of Columns or U.S speculate what planet are these types of movies on. Looking at our mountain of research and discoveries to date, there seems to be one where somebody can come back from the dead after flatlining, and nobody ever gets the curvatures. Truly, a magical planet for miracle people. It also seems like a place where every high school kid can drive or have a car, can do whatever they want between classes, and never have to study for anything.

Okay, just that last part is probably the most relevant of all the high school Hollywood tropes. The sequel, however… not so much.

Kids can wear anything

Some of you already know that I live very far away in this tiny country called South Africa. What you might not know is that when it comes to school dress codes, we only have uniforms. Imagine, then, our utter amazement growing up and watching American movies where kids can dress not just in civilian clothes but like this:

Paramount Pictures

Looking at it now, we may have dodged a bullet there.

You know, just the shortest pants and skirts with everyone’s bellies hanging down like no one even batted half an eye. Or, whatever this guy is trying to show:

“Never Been Kissed”, 20th Century Fox

Even the schools that apparently have some kind of uniform didn’t seem to mind if someone decided they were totally wearing their shiny leathers today.

Photos of Colombia

Imagine our surprise when we found out that, no, even in the US girls can’t get away with such short skirts:

“The Kissing Booth”, Netflix

Go figure.

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