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Bhopal: The hijab worn by Muslim women should be banned in schools in Madhya Pradesh as it is not part of the uniform, the state’s School Education Minister Inder Singh Parmar said on Tuesday in response to controversy in Karnataka.

“Efforts are being made in the country to disrupt the current education system. In India, people follow different traditions at home, but in schools, students have to follow the dress code,” Parmar said. “Some people deliberately try to spoil the atmosphere of the country.”

“The MP State Government will enforce a strict dress code for a sense of equality and discipline among students in the schools. Starting next session, we will be posting rules and regulations related to uniform dress codes. The hijab is not part of the uniform and should be prohibited in MP. We will definitely ban it in MP,” Parmar said.

The controversy began in January at a government high school in Karnataka’s Udupi district, where six hijab-wearing students were barred from going to class. The problem has since spread to other parts of the southern state, with some students wearing saffron shawls and turbans, while others wore blue scarves around their necks.

The row took on a political dimension, with the ruling Bharatiya Janata party coming out strongly in favor of uniform dress codes enforced by educational institutions, calling the headscarf a religious symbol, while the opposition Congress backed Muslim girls.

The BJP should not mix politics with education, said Arif Masood, Congressman from Bhopal. “BJP leaders bring politics into every issue,” Massod said. “If they decide to ban the wearing of the hijab, we will organize a demonstration against it and we will not allow this draconian order.”

Meanwhile in Pondicherry, the PTI quoted a spokesperson for the directorate of education as saying they had received complaints from student groups and other organizations about a teacher who allegedly objected to wearing a headscarf. by a student.

“We want to know what really happened and further action would be decided after receiving a report from the school,” the spokesperson said.

The local head of the Left Supported All India Federation of Students said the girl had been attending classes wearing the hijab for three years and asked why the objection had been raised now.


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