Harry styles Mansfield clothes as Credible shop moves to bigger premises

The 27-year-old had already carved out quite a successful online presence, where he sold retro or reworked designer clothes.

He also revamps the brand image, in order to attract more customers to the business.

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Owner Harry Squires at his new West Gate store, Credible Clothing.

He said: “I was getting five star reviews online and the business was growing.

“When I had money I reinvested it in new stock and so there were piles of clothes everywhere.

“So I had to find a place and that’s why the idea of ​​a store was born.

“It was a success, but we’ve also had some feedback that suggests if we tweak the branding slightly, we may be able to attract more people.”

The shop sells a wide variety of clothing, from designer labels to football shirts, and caters primarily to people under 30.

Harry said: “There is nothing like it in Mansfield and people have to go further afield, like Nottingham, where the prices are also higher. This shop helps keep people local and support locals.

One of the reasons for the rebranding is to attract older people to the store.

As the premises are larger, Harry says there will also be more space available to display items for sale.

Harry also has a number of other business ideas in the works, including Credible Carpets.

In addition to designer rugs, people will also be able to have rugs produced with images of their choice.

Credible has also hired new employees and is currently looking to add additional members to the team.

One shopper who has been to the store is 16-year-old Liam Smith.

He said, “There’s nothing like it here and I was able to buy a few things.

“There is a real fashion for wearing retro stuff, so Harry picked the right business to be in.”

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