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Tafadzwa Zimoyo Senior Lifestyle Editor

Just a week ago we had Pokello Nare the Swag Queen serving us with a high class business lady in a leopard print skirt and lace blouse from Thula Sindi’s Apparel, Africa rise store.

She looked like nothing but the embodiment of a classic corporate woman with inspiring and motivating vibes.

Pokello has been nothing less than a fashion icon / hero with its dazzling pink bottom shoe collection and glamorous outfit combinations.

We cannot say that she is an inspiration to many young Zimbabweans, and we love to see it.

The holiday season isn’t just about Santa Claus and Thanksgiving, but it’s also a good season for anyone looking to start a business next year, draft those contracts, and set those dates. maintenance.

So it’s important that as a boss or employee you look presentable.

The way you appear in a boardroom, at a business meeting or in front of bosses and other employees carries an aura, is worth it – ALWAYS!

Without a doubt, the wardrobe plays an important role in appearance, but it is often the personal grooming and hygiene that makes the biggest impression.

In the corporate world, the top personal care issues that get attention (and complaints) are hair, dental hygiene, body odor, hands, and nails.

Pay attention to your wrist as well.

The wristwatch is an accessory that will never go out of style when it comes to business attire.

It is the choice of wristwatch that will affect your professional outfit. For women, a classic round shape wristwatch with a non-bling leather strap will be the best choice.

For men, a simple watch will go perfectly with a business suit. Try to choose the one with a leather strap with sober style indexes preferably with circulars.

Become a regular at your barber

Get in the habit of going to your hairdresser regularly: if you’ve noticed that your hair needs to be cut, others will too.

This means that you are becoming proactive (as opposed to reactive). While some guys may be content with monthly appointments, your strands may still enjoy a growth spurt, requiring extra attention.

As for women, visits to your barber may not be as frequent as men, but always keep a hairstyle neat and presentable.

You can never go wrong with a ponytail or a simple bun.


A cardinal rule for using perfume at work is that a little is good ”. Choose a fragrance with light scents of flowers and citrus.

Going to work with a musky and sexy scent is considered inappropriate. Another important tip is to resist the urge to reapply perfume.

People around you may be allergic to perfumes, and your addiction to perfume can make their health worse.

Trim your beard

A close shave rule for work works very well in the business. For a professional look, one should keep his beard trimmed as studies say that people who are unshaven are perceived to be more dominant and aggressive.

Having an uncut beard is also a sign of being lazy and laid back. Don’t let your personality be undermined because of your beard. Buy electric razors to regularly maintain a short, trimmed beard.


The ideal is to cut your nails once or twice a week. Long fingernails for men are as unattractive as dirty fingernails. For women though, someone once called a manicure “the only luxury needed,” which means we can’t take women away from what isn’t possible.

So, it is advised that after finishing the nails, they look short and neat.


Less is more. Always wear minimal makeup in the office. Nude is the new classic, bright colors always send the wrong impression and you wouldn’t want to be associated with it.

Buying an expensive business suit won’t help if you are not clean or well groomed.

The way you dress is exactly how people will perceive you and the values ​​of your organization are reflected in the way you dress and in the dress codes and dress codes of your employers.

Consider this for a successful business or professional experience.


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