Google Highlights Emerging Wedding Trends As Planning Shifts Into High Speed

It will not be universal and will not affect all businesses. But if your organization has some connection with the wedding industry, Latest Google Search Trends Update worth reading.

Today, the search giant has provided some key notes on the top-searched wedding trends, which Google says gain increasing interest in September of each year.

As explained by Google:

We tend to think of “proposal season” as being stuck on winter holidays or big days like New Years Eve and Valentine’s Day. The peak of the actual proposition, however? September. With the exception of 2020, each year for the past five years, research interest in marriage proposals peaked every September in the United States. Who knows if it’s the smell of pumpkin spiced lattes or the new school year, but for some reason, that’s when Americans prefer to get on their knees.

And as the vaccine rollout continues and a future with included social gatherings comes into view, that enthusiasm is undoubtedly reaching even higher heights in 2021.

As such, it should be noted. First of all, Google says that the most searched questions regarding marriage proposals are:

  1. How to propose to a girl?
  2. On which knee do you propose?
  3. How long is too early to propose?
  4. Should I suggest before or after dinner?
  5. How do you get your boyfriend to propose?

Quite specific assistance is sought there, but there may be inspiration for your promotions or link campaigns related to the proposition item.

Google also highlights the most sought after engagement ring styles.

It even lists the celebrity engagement rings most often cited as inspiration, with Ariana Grande and Gwen Stefani leading the way.

Google is also highlighting top bachelorette party questions, which include what to wear and what to do, while also sharing information on trends on the most popular wedding dress styles. , depending on the search volume.

  1. bohemian wedding dress
  2. Beach wedding dresses
  3. Mermaid wedding dress
  4. Simple wedding dress
  5. Short wedding dress

There are also tips on costume color trends:

Image displays suit color trends with blue, beige and burgundy leading the way

Again, with the rollout of the COVID vaccine now well underway, more and more events and social activities are looming on the horizon, and although there are still barriers to full openness and restrictions. about what we can do, the renewed optimism has undoubtedly sparked hope for many planning their nuptials, who have had to postpone their big day because of the pandemic.

With that in mind, maybe now is a great time to tap into these trends and build campaigns around these ratings, based on popular search queries.

You can read Google’s full wedding trends report. here.

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