Golf thrives in COVID environment as memberships increase 10% nationwide

In just three months at Maungakiekie Golf Club, he is playing with a handicap of 15.3. He’s not the only one taking advantage of the potential of socially safe remote gambling for COVID.

“All kinds of backgrounds, multiple ethnicities, cultures – you know that doesn’t matter at all to be honest,” Zachary Whitting, store manager at Maungakiekie Golf Club, told Newshub.

“Different sports too. We found a lot of former cricketers and hockey players.”

When the lockdown was moved to level three and golf clubs reopened, membership here jumped 23%, with many younger and more diverse.

It is at the stage where some clubs like Maungakiekie have actually capped the number of members.

It’s not just in Auckland, across the country, more and more people are cracking up for health and well-being.

“Generally across the board all kinds of things have happened that have all worked out in a perfect golf storm right now,” Golf NZ general manager Dean Murphy told Newshub.

“As we sit here today [Tuesday], we’ve seen this big resurgence and membership is 10% higher than last year around this time. “

It wasn’t that long ago that golf clubs were the preserve of an aging elite. The next generation sees the emphasis on rules and dress codes as overwhelming.

“I was always a little hesitant about joining a golf club, but when I joined I felt welcome,” Sanday told Newshub.

“They used to ask ‘what’s your name’ and now it’s ‘hi Tilden welcome to the golf club’, ‘hi Tilden what time are you leaving’.”

Keeping young talent like Sanday welcome is essential to securing the future of a game that is evolving ahead of its time.

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