Goldman Raises Salaries – Hedge Funds Take VCs – BoA’s Top Tech Executives

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Goldman Sachs raises salaries for some junior investment bankers

David Solomon

Michael Kovac / Getty Images

Second-year analysts will now earn $ 125,000 in base compensation before a bonus, and first-year associates will now earn $ 150,000. Here’s what we know so far.

Meet the seven people who report to Bank of America’s top CTO

Powerful Bank of America actors Tony Kerrison, Cathy Bessant and Sumeet Chabria are silhouetted against a red background.

Bank of America; Skye Gould / Insider

Cathy Bessant is the Director of Operations and Technology at Bank of America, overseeing an annual technology budget of $ 14 billion and 95,000 employees worldwide. These are the seven main leaders who report to Bessant.

Hedge funds take on venture capitalists in the battle to support the best startups

Insightful advisors

Insightful advisors

Hedge funds look to private markets to increase returns – and use quantitative strategies, data science, and partnerships to gain an advantage in investing. We spoke with investors from Two Sigma, DE Shaw and Point72, who told us how they search for the best startups.

Wealthy executives take out loans to pay taxes on windfall stock market profits

Happy stock market investor

Caroline Purser / Getty Images

Rather than dipping into their portfolios, executives borrow from their portfolios to pay taxes – and that has boosted Morgan Stanley’s lending business. Morgan Stanley executive services unit chief explains why these loans make sense even for the rich.

These 21 people fuel huge growth in family offices

Todd Angkatavanich, Natasha Pearl, Bill Bjiesse and Lisa Featherngill on a pink background.

Courtesy of Todd Angkatavanich; Courtesy of Natasha Pearl; Courtesy of Bill Bjiesse; Courtesy of Lisa Featherngill; Shayanne Gal / Insider

As the world’s wealth grows, more and more people are looking to set up family offices to take control of their finances. We spoke with over a dozen industry insiders to build a roster of advisors, accountants, lawyers and more to start a new family office. Get to know them here.

Wall Street’s return to work saves NYC

NEW YORK, USA - MARCH 25: Tourists queuing to take a photo of the charging bull are seen during the COVID-19 pandemic in New York, United States on March 25, 2021. (Photo by Tayfun Coskun / Agence Anadolu via Getty Images)

Anadolu Agency / Getty Images

The divergent responses of the coasts to the economic reopening have highlighted a stark contrast: In New York City, financial giants’ urges to return to their offices reinvigorate neighborhoods that have closed for much of 2020, while Big Tech let Silicon Valley empty. Learn more about the different economic returns from the coasts.

Wall Street has a new uniform


Facebook / Lululemon

The pandemic has destroyed formal dress codes. Now, Wall Street workers are turning to Lululemon, Untuckit and other sports brands for their back-to-office outfits. Take a look at the new outfit on Wall Street.

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