Evans High School demands a dress code contract for the next ceremony

Parents and students are frustrated because they say the options are limited. A dress like this has mesh. It wouldn’t work. This dress has a cutout. This dress has a plunging neckline. None of these would be acceptable.

“She showed me the contract and I told her I wasn’t signing because I was like why do you need a contract to go to a dance?”

Parents of Evans High School students are scratching their heads after the students come home with a dress code contract for the upcoming prom. There’s only one rule for boys: wear a suit, tie and dress shoes.

But for girls, there are many more restrictions, including no sheer material, like mesh, no cutouts, no open backs, no plunging necklines, and no short dresses. Parents and students quarrel over young women, it doesn’t leave much.

“Anything that’s not on the list is whatever the stores carry,” said a parent, whose daughter attends Evans High School.

“I’m friends with a lot of them and hearing them complaining just makes me feel bad for them,” Evans High School senior Zach Premilien said.

The contract states that if the student is dressed inappropriately, he will be asked to leave the prom. They say worried students should get dress approval from the school administration before the prom.

“What they’re doing is sexualizing these girls. That’s exactly what they’re doing. That’s all, it’s because you tell them they can’t wear things that are suggestive to the end of the day,” said a parent.

Orange County Public Schools told FOX 35 that it was not intended to sexualize students. In an email, the district said it was reviewing the matter. They didn’t know if other high schools in the district were making the same demands.

Now parents and students say some seniors at Evans High are making alternative prom plans.

“Probably go to other proms at other schools based on their 05 dress code if that’s a bit better,” Premilien said.

“My kid, her and her friends are considering not even going to prom for that simple fact. They’d rather just look cute and go to dinner,” one parent said.

Evans’ high school prom is scheduled for April.

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